I prefer Facebook #dontjudgeme

Do you find yourself tweeting on Facebook? Do you find yourself updating your status with twitter’s trending topics like: #imjustsaying or #dontjudgeme? If so, you are single handedly responsible for killing Facebook.

Since making its name known in February of 2007, twitter has been taking over television, radio and my life. Before I even had a twitter, I found myself using tag phrases from twitter. What is it about Twitter that makes it so special? What’s all of the excitement about?

Everyone is abandoning Facebook, and for what; to find out what type of meat I’m going use in my spagetti tonight? #CmonSon. Facebook is the place where you can share pictures and then make rude comments about said pictures.

It’s the place where you can like someone’s status just to unlike someone’s status.  What happens when you forget your best friends birthday on twitter, nothing. 

Facebook tells you in advance. Twitter doesn’t remind you to tell your best friend happy birthday.  Where else can you become a fan of “if you don’t talk to me in public, don’t talk to me on Facebook?”

I know it’s convienent but what is the point of updating your status through Twitter? Some people have different sets of friends on Facebook and Twitter. Why not tell us something new in case we are friends on both networks. #iknowright.

 I can’t say I don’t enjoy reading people’s tweets on Facebook. I also won’t admit that I have a Twitter just to stalk celebrities.            

I realize that using the phrase, “killing Facebook, ” may be a bit on the extreme, but its place in social networking is slowly declining. Be that as it may, if I see another trending topic that was made for Twitter on Facebook, I’m going to have to hurt somebody. #EARringsALREADYoff.