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Iron Liver hits local music scene

Iron Liver is a metal band co-founded by senior information systems and information insurance and security major Daniel Walker. The band has played live once, but they’re working on an EP and hope to go on the road as soon as the EP is recorded. The next concert is scheduled for the Big Texas 420 Fest.

“I would consider Iron Liver an extremely progressive band because our roots are in thrash,” Walker said. “I don’t think music should stay the same. My goal as a musician is to always create original music, always push the envelope and evolve.”

Walker said the most influential bands for him are Pantera, Slayer, Lamb of God and Mastodon.

“We wouldn’t exist without them,” Walker said. “At the same time, we want to evolve music from what we’ve learned and make it more concise, clear and available to a wider audience more marketable.”

Walker and Iron Liver vocalist Tony Smith, are originally from Oregon. Walker came to San Antonio for two reasons: to become involved in the local music scene and to attend UTSA. In 2009, Smith followed and the two started Iron Liver.

“We require [Smith] to enunciate the lyrics so they can be understood without being read,” Walker said. “I’m so excited about this band. It’s very special. We have such a melding of different styles.”

The final lineup consists of Walker on guitar, Smith on vocals, award-winning guitar player Dillon Hogan on bass and Rob Howe on guitar. Walker and Howe trade off playing rhythm and lead guitar, and Hogan occasionally steps away from the bass to play guitar on certain tracks.

“I’m playing with the best musicians I’ve ever played with in this band,” Walker said. “I can write something so technical and they have no trouble playing these songs—no trouble playing any of the riffs.”

Walker said it was pure luck that he was able to secure Hogan as the bass player.

“For such a phenomenal guitar player to play full time bass in our band is such an honor,” Walker said.

Iron Liver’s first single is titled “T-Rex” which Walker said is based on a true story.

“Sometimes it’s just me writing lyrics, and then Walker reads them and writes the music,” Smith said. “Other times he’ll play a riff and I’ll start writing lyrics to it. We have so many different influences that it makes it more original.”

Walker is a glass-blowing apprentice in addition to student and guitarist. He believes that the recycling of glass will benefit the environment in the future. Walker has also collaborated with an artist back in Oregon to create a comic book series, which explains some of more obscure lyrics in the eventual EP. The comic will be projected behind the stage during shows, along with headlines from newspapers.

“We feel like the music has to be top notch no matter what,” Walker said. “But if people come to a live show, even if they don’t like the music, they’ll be dazzled by the usual effects they see.”

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