Celebrities: The media’s Jenga

Much like the game of Jenga, the media builds celebrities up and watches the nation see the celebrities’ reputations and fame improve. There is fun, laughter and enjoyment. Yet there is also fun when the inevitable collapse happens.

This past weekend Charlie Sheen made his tour debut, which was an enormous disaster. As people booed and left early during Charlie’s bizarre antics, one has to wonder why he has been getting so much attention at all.

The media was on Charlie’s side during the good times, but were just as excited to see him totally self-destruct over the last couple of months.

Charlie Sheen is hardly alone in this category. Britney Spears had her crazy phase, and it was all you could hear about for months. Lindsay Lohan has some kind of insanity happening every few weeks, and you can bet it’s going to be on the front page somewhere when it does.

The question is: why? Why do people get so much enjoyment out of not only living vicariously through these people who honestly aren’t better than we (just richer,) and then find some kind of perverted enjoyment out of seeing their lives fall apart?

They’re people, too. I would venture to say you wouldn’t be as fascinated by a neighbor or coworker going through Charlie Sheen levels of self-destruction. You would probably just be a little freaked out.

So the next time you pick up a tabloid to read about Lindsay Lohan’s 90th stint in rehab, consider that all you’re doing is feeding into the machine that is promoting it in the first place.