Divine Fits: Hot new band to play halloween evening at Stubb’s

Divine Fits is not the first band to throw an awesome party at Stubb’s Barbeque on Halloween night, but the band is full of surprises, ultimately allowing for an incredibly enjoyable evening.

The indie “super group” formed less than a year ago between Spoon front man Britt Daniel and former co-front man of Wolf Parade Dan Boeckner.  Roping in New Bomb Turks drummer Sam Brown to help fill out the band.  “A Thing Called Divine Fits,” the band’s first album recording was released less than a year later at a surprise show in Austin. Filled with knotty, tense guitars and coupled with even more dire vocals and moody synths, the album is a desired melding of the creative indie rock audiences are used to hearing from both Daniel and Boeckner without sounding like a watered down version of either.

Cold Cave is an excellent precursor to the evening’s later festivities. For practically seven years now Wes Eisold and company have morphed from noisy, post Xiu Xiu experimentalist to moody and metalic synth pop, always being one of the most creative darkwave bands around. Now striking a solid balance between their past and present sound, the band is pulling off an even better live show thanks to their new, veteran line-up, featuring members from LCD Soundsystem to Samhain.   

The Halloween show will take place at Stubb’s with doors opening at 7p.m.. In addition to the music, the night will feature a Dracula costume contest judged by the band and horror movie screenings through out the night. Promises have been made eluding to special effects and more surprises through out the night, making this a real Halloween event not to miss.