Football players arrested for aggravated robbery

Toyin and Adekeye

Two walk-on UTSA football players have been dismissed from the team following their arrest for aggravated robbery.

Junior Toyin Dada and senior Adefemi Adekeye, non-scholarship defensive players for the Roadrunners, were arrested separately in early August and charged with aggravated robbery following an incident at the Outpost Apartments earlier in the week. An investigation is ongoing.

On Aug. 1, 2012 The Paisano reported that a man went to Adekeye’s apartment to purchase an ounce of marijuana for $300. When the man, a motel employee named Vihar Bhakta, arrived at the apartment, Adekeye and another person allegedly robbed him at gunpoint; Bhakta was then pistol whipped and thrown out of Adekeye’s apartment.

The man then signaled for a constable to help, leading in turn to a standoff with SWAT team negotiators that lasted for several hours.  Eventually SWAT members entered Adekeye’s apartment, but found no one inside.

Adekeye is a Kinesiology major, while Dada is completing a degree in general business. The arrests were made before the Roadrunners started training camp for the 2012 season.

“It’s a terrible thing that happened, but we are just going to keep pushing on and win football games,” junior linebacker Steven Kurfehs said.  “They are our brothers and we will be there to support them when they need us.”

“I was surprised when it happened,” defensive coordinator Neal Neathery said. Neatherly has kept his players focused and said that the arrest “hasn’t been a distraction” for his players during training camp.

Following Adekeye’s arrest UTSA Head Coach Larry Coker said in a statement that members of the football program “were made aware of Adefemi Adekeye’s arrest” and that they have “dismissed him from our program.” Coker went on to add that “due to the ongoing investigation by law enforcement we will not make any further comment on this situation.”

Since Adekeye’s and Dada’s arrest there have been no updates concerning the investigation.