Volleyball defeated by SFA, out of SLC tournament


Friday night the Stephen F. Austin Ladyjacks eliminated the Roadrunners from the Southland Conference Tournament by defeating them 25-27, 27-25, 19-25, 21-25 in the last match of the quarterfinals.

The Roadrunners opened the match with an impressive first set. After being tied four times in the first couple of minutes of the game, the Roadrunners pulled ahead and took an 11-7 lead.

With help from Elise Huskey and Kendra Rowland, who each had 11 kills in the match, the Roadrunners were able to keep their lead late into the first set. Just when the Roadrunners seemed ready to win the set, the Ladyjacks rallied and tied the set 24-24. Rowland answered with a kill that would give the Roadrunners the one point lead, but the Ladyjacks had another three-point rally to win the game.

The second set was very similar to the first, with the Raodrunners playing just as well as they did in the first set. With multiple errors by the Ladyjacks, the Roadrunners were able to take the second set and tie the game at one set apiece.

“We had our team acronym that we came up with and it was Take It To Spiketown and that was our little inspiration,” Rowland said of the great set played by the Roadrunners.

After intermission, the Roadrunners opened the third set with a 4-0 run that the Ladyjacks quickly caught up to. The Ladyjacks went on a 7 -point rally early in the set to take the lead. After that the Ladyjacks dominated the Roadrunners. Late in the set the Roadrunners were able to come within three points of the Ladyjacks, but by then it was too late.

In the final set, the Roadrunners were definitely a lot more aggressive in their play. They kept the score close throughout the set, but the Ladyjacks were just too much for them.

“You come out here and you fight and sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn’t,” Huskey said after the Roadrunners early exit form the SLC Tournament. “We have a good group of girls coming in. Next year will be an amazing year.”

The Roadrunners ended the season with a 12-19 record overall.