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Kelsey Jewasko close to school digs record, conference crown

Kelsey Jewasko

One of the most common phrases in sports is “Defense wins championships.” UTSA senior and San Antonio native, Kelsey Jewasko has proved to be one of the best defensive players in Roadrunner history. Jewasko is one of the team captains for the Roadrunners volleyball team and is currently ranked 2nd overall at UTSA for career digs and is ranked 10th in NCAA with her dig rate (10.56).

“She is just an amazing kid on and off the court. She brings her ‘A-game’ to practice every single day,” Head coach Laura Neugebauer-Groff said.

The Roadrunners are currently on a 12-game winning streak, with every victory coming as a sweep.  One of the greatest strengths of the Roadrunners is their team camaraderie which has pushed them to a new level of success.

“Volleyball is the ultimate team sport. Keeping everybody motivated and keeping everyone on the same page is so critical to have the kind of season we are having now,” Jewasko said. “If everybody can produce when called upon, then we are going to be successful.”

Jewasko has played volleyball since she was in 3rd grade and said that coming to UTSA has been a dream come true.

“I came here and the coaches were great, the players were great. The coaches have believed in me as well as the other players,” Jewasko said. “We have such great chemistry and it has just been phenomenal.”

Fans can see Jewasko diving all over the court, helping the Runners in every match. A big reason why the Runners have been successful is her intensity. Jewasko credits her success to her dedication.

“I’m up here everyday, working out with our strength coaches, running and lifting. I truly believe that’s where we win our season,” Jewasko said. “We are able to be fine tuned and ready for the season. I feel that it’s really critical to get that head start on everybody else, and that’s important to me.”

The San Antonio community has also come to watch the Roadrunners on their amazing and dominating run of Southland Conference opponents.  Along with the players’ families and fellow UTSA students, local middle school and high school women’s volleyball teams come to watch the Roadrunners compete. The players pose for pictures and even sign autographs for the young girls, and Jewasko knows how important that interaction is to them.  

“I think back to when I was that young, and I looked up to those players. Just for them to be with you,” Jewasko said. “It really does make a difference for them and it made a difference for me.”

Jewasko has been a standout player for every match this season, and she does have a chance to eventually become the player with the most career digs in UTSA history.

“It would be a dream come true because of everything I worked for. It would be a really large sense of accomplishment just knowing that hard work does pay off,” Jewasko said.

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