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The Paisano

Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Get Moving!

Brianna Cristiano

It’s the middle of the week; you’re physically and mentally exhausted. Three exams and 200 pages of reading await you, not to mention 25 hours of work.

How do you handle the stress? Consider a physical workout; however, if you’re envisioning a workout as lifting weights in a room by yourself, think again.

Group X offers free workout classes in the Recreational Center throughout the week. This program is designed for students and faculty to receive a workout on campus. By having these workout classes, students will not

have to leave campus to go to a gym.

And there is an added incentive. “It’s free,” says sophomore psychology major Dayna Jana. “I can walk in without having to worry about paying!”

UTSA students instruct the classes and thoroughly enjoy teaching them. Expect to find classes such as Self-defense, Kickboxing, Zumba, Yoga, Hip-Hop and Belly Dancing. So swipe your UTSA ID and walk into the recreation center to any class that interests you.

Classes run from 6:15 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., so they fit perfectly in any schedule. Living on campus or off campus, students come for a good workout and a good time. For instance, Body Pump includes weight lifting. Two or three different weight sizes are used along with an aerobic stepper.

Most Body Pump classes last about an hour. Several exercises are done with medium sized weights to workout triceps, biceps and back. Lie down on the aerobics step and receive the same workout on your arms with an additional workout on your abs.

After changing weights to something a little heavier, lunges workout legs as well as your arms. To wind down from the weights, push-ups, crunches and stretches end the class. It can be an intense class but, enjoyable at the same time.

“It’s a good way to meet new people,” says nursing major and sophomore Elaine Bolivek. She says that everyone goes to the Rec for the same reason: to get a workout! So there is no reason to feel intimidated.

Taking classes is also a great way to let loose and enjoy yourself. “The classes are so much fun and so are the instructors,” adds Bolivek. She has taken hip-hop, jazz and ballet.

Senior criminal justice major Paige Petty was impressed by the physical work out from the Body Pump class. “You can actually feel your muscles getting fatigued while working out,” she says.

When workout moves are difficult, instructors are always there to help. As a result, students receive a better work out. Petty explains that the Body Pump instructor pushes you to go to your maximum potential, but does not force you to do more than you can handle.

The instructors are very motivational and upbeat. According to junior instructor and kinesiology major Kelsea Dunn, all prospective instructors must audition. Those selected undergo two months of training including taking classes in anatomy and effective instruction.

Dunn said that teaching the classes yields special benefits. When she pumps up her class, she is motivated as well.

The classes are diverse and instructors promise that you’ll get a good workout, no matter who you are. “There’s a class for everyone!” Dunn says.

For more information about Group X fitness classes at the recreational center, visit:


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