Women’s pool is no fool

What began as a simple idea to honor women’s history has become a tradition- women’s pool tournament at the Roost.

“The Roost is one of the hot spots on campus. As the school keeps growing, we want to provide more opportunities for more students to get involved. We wanted to try something new, something we’ve never done before,” Fred Wilson, Asst. Director, said.

More than 68 women signed up for the event on March 28. Carmel Lagguy, a senior, was the winner.

By providing such events, Wilson hopes to bring a diverse group of students together, and reach out to the students who may not even visit the Roost. He plans to integrate the two groups into a men’s and women’s tournament in April. Wilson wants to make it known that women are valued at the Roost.

“The women’s tournament was a great idea. Normally, the men are shocked to see that we can actually hold a pool stick. This event made it known that it’s our time to shine; we’ve got skills, too, ” Jiahao Li, freshman, said.

An abundance of men attended the tournament. James Jenkins, a sophomore, was amazed by the women competing at the Roost.

“It was cool because you got to see women competing. How great is that? They basically just took over the place,” Jenkins said.

Using this event to speak to the UTSA population, the Roost is attempting to develop a population to move over to the UC3 (the new building for the Roost). Wilson stresses they are trying to generate positive activity among the students. He doesn’t want students to think that they are excluded.

“Without students, none of us would be here. Our goal is to be an agent for our students for their success intellectually, but also to provide a living room for them- a place where they can come sit and relax. The University Center is your place,” Wilson said.