PPIA Fellowship comes to UTSA

Students interested in public service on a domestic or international level should look into the Public Policy and International Affairs (PPIA) Fellowship. The PPIA Fellowship is a summer-long program that aims to increase diversity among public service leaders. The group promotes the belief that a society is best represented when leaders of different positions in the private, public and nonprofit sectors come from diverse backgrounds.  

“The program is designed to help develop future leaders in public service,” National Director for PPIA Erin Mann said. “We have both an international and domestic policy focus.”

Students admitted to the program have the opportunity to attend one of four PPIA Junior Summer Institutes which include UC Berkley, Michigan University, Carnegie Mellon and Princeton. The Fellowship provides full tuition, a stipend and the materials necessary to participate.

While attending, students will spend the summer studying policy, statistics and international or domestic affairs.

“It was an amazing experience,” UTSA graduate John Lira said. “[The classes] introduced me to the rigors of graduate school studies.”

The students of PPIA also participate in networking events with alumni, learn about each other through team building activities and explore career possibilities available in the field.

“The most gratifying take away was the bond and friendships that were formed,” Lira stated. “We all believed in each other.”

Mann attributed the success of PPIA to its participants.

“The one thing that impresses me the most is the passion and dedication from both the students and alumni,” Mann said.

Students interested in applying can go to www.ppiaprogram.org to begin the application process. Eligibility requirements include completion of a student’s junior year with one semester of coursework remaining, a commitment to completing a Master’s Degree in public or international affairs and an interest in pursuing a professional career dedicated to public service. Some of the materials required to apply include an unofficial transcript from all colleges and universities, two letters of recommendation and a list of the Junior Institutes ranked by preference. The website provides the full list of eligibility guidelines and required materials. For more information about the program or the application process, Mann encourages students to contact her via email at [email protected]

The deadline to apply to PPIA is Nov. 1, 2012.