What are you reading?

Heavy course loads, tough work schedules, and the stress of daily living often keep students from engaging in recreational reading. However, these individual students somehow manage to find time to read something they enjoy. These are the literary works read by the creative minds of tomorrow.

“Soul Surfer”

Bethany Hamilton

“I enjoy reading this book because it is about overcoming challenges by following your dreams and accepting support.”

Izanelly Del Rio

Senior marketing major

“Dream Thief”

Stephen Lawhead

“It’s a terrific science fiction book that blends together some very unexpected elements in a brilliant way. Martians and India, who knew?!”

Bria Brown

Senior psychology major

“The Things They Carried”

Tim O’Brien

“A good representation of a soldier after war. It depicts a true story of a man and his hard times.”

Isha Baker

Sophomore history major

“The Nerdist Way”

Chris Hardwick

“It’s a great self-help book about how to turn your disorganized, beer gut, pizza box-ridden college “life” into a lifestyle that is healthy, productive, and goal driven. Written by an authentic nerd-at-heart, the book includes numerous references to cult fiction, gamer, and geek culture; making it fun and easy to reach the next level IRL.”

Hector Lozano

Senior technical communication major

“The Fault In Our Stars”

John Green

“It is a very honest and sad story about two teens with cancer, and it has become my favorite book. Everyone should read it because it is awesome.”

Ailyne Juarez Jr.

Junior psychology major

“A Game of Thrones”

George R.R. Martin

“I like to read a Game of Thrones for 10 minutes between classes. I’m so busy the only other time I can squeeze in some reading is when I’m on the porcelain throne. “

Nick Pisarski

Senior math major

“She’s Come Undone”

Wally Lamb

” I read it in 7th grade and it meant a lot to me then and taught me a lot so I wanted to see if it could do the same for me at 20 years old.”

Sarah Plaisance

Junior English major

“Empire of the Summer Moon”

S.C. Gwynne

“Interested in learning about Texas History.”

Leticia Tenorio

Junior education major

“Wuthering Heights”

Emily Bronte

“It has been constantly recommended to me over the years. It now sits on my bookshelf between “Pride and Predjudice” and “Middlemarch”.

Jennifer Ramirez

Senior English major