You’re paying for it, might as well use it.

UTSA undergraduate students pay upwards $3,500 to $4,500 per semester to attend the university.

One-fourth of that goes specifically to pay for classes, and the rest is used to pay for amenities.

Those amenities include advising, library resources, the recreation center and transportation. All of which can be used to enrich students’ time on campus.

Instead of attending classes though students are skipping and not taking advantage of what they’ve already paid for.

It seems a little bit absurd and at times wasteful to not attend classes. Sure, sometimes lectures just seem to consist of power point slides, but professors do include hints about what to expect on exams, instructions for term papers and suggestions about presentations that could help with grades.

The same could be said when students decide not to use all the resources afforded to them by the price of their tuition.

Students should attend advising more than when they have holds on their records. They should take advantage of the resources that advising centers have to offer such as career planning and graduate school advising.

Considering that students are spending so much money to go to college, shouldn’t they really get all their moneys worth.