What are you watching?

Weekends are a time for students to unwind, kick back, microwave buttered popcorn and marvel at the wonders of the silver screen. Great films and exciting television shows can transport viewers to imaginative new worlds filled with unforgettable characters. UTSA students have diverse tastes in their TV and movie entertainment. Check out what some of these students are watching:


“Walking Dead”

It is a very interesting take on a zombie story. It is a well made show. The storylines are interesting.”

Latoia Bates

Junior English major


“American Dad,” “Law and Order: SVU” and “Aqua Teen Hunger Force”

“They’re CRAZY!”

Markus Vaughn

Senior English major


“Breaking Bad”

“The reason I watch it is because it has great storylines. You think to yourself, ‘this could happen in real life.’ Chemistry teacher turned drug/meth dealer.”

Randy Cruz

Senior Marketing major


“Downtown Abbey”

“It’s the best show that I have seen in years and it’s not American. It has everything a show needs.”

Jose Ortega

Senior English major


“How I Met Your Mother”

“I wish I had HBO so that I could start watching “Game of Thrones.”

Rachel Kane

Senior English major



“I like science fiction and stories with interesting plots and characters. The show is a thrill ride.”

David Smith

Senior English major


“Will and Grace”

“It reminds me so much about my best friend Damian. It’s a funny TV show about a gay man and straight woman’s relationship. Story of my life.”

Krystal Flores

Senior marketing major



“I have a firm fascination with Superhero everything. The Marvel movies are my bread and butter.”

Zachary Ruffcorm

Sophmore English major


“Seinfield,” NBA (anything), “Daily Show,” Bill Baher, “Godfather,” “Michael Clayton,” “Fight Club,” “Se7en” and “The Office”

“I watch comedy on TV because of the writers. I watch mainly suspense, crime, thriller, psychological films because it’s more believable in that format.”

George Leos

Senior English major

“How I Met Your Mother”

“Every episode is hilarious.”

Allison Vera

Senior marketing major


“Parks and Recreation”

“I don’t watch television because of too many commercials. I stick with Netflix. I just finished watching the third season.”

Andrew Kirkpatrick

Junior comm. tech major