Timeout with the coaches: Sherman Corbett


Sherman Corbett can lay claim to something few people can. Not only was he a major league baseball player but he also has the distinction of striking out baseball’s iron man Cal Ripken Jr. for his first career strikeout.

What is the best part about being a coach at UTSA?

I think the best part about being a coach is the impact you can have on player’s lives. There is a lot of growing that goes on at the collegiate level and it is exciting to watch that growth. We want to have a part in player’s lives, on and off the baseball field.

When did you decide you wanted to be a coach?

I realized that, when I finished playing. I had a nine and a half year professional playing year. I enjoyed the comraderie of the team. I wanted to coach. I started out coaching in the professional ranks but I wanted to have a little more stability and so my thoughts turned to collegiate baseball.

If you couldn’t be a coach, what profession would you have chosen?

My degree was in education, if I wasn’t coaching, I would probably be teaching math, science or economics.

Who is the biggest influence in your life?

My dad was a big influence. He played sports, he coached and was a principal in Shertz-Cibolo district. The way he approached his job had a big influence on me.

The best place you have ever visited?

I have had the opportunity to go to Hawaii for camps. That is part work and part vacation. I enjoy going to the islands.

What is your proudest sports moment?

Probably it was my first appearance in the Major Leagues. I was with the California Angels, we were playing the Baltimore Orioles. My family had come in to see me pitch, it was a Sunday I hadn’t pitched yet and they were leaving soon. Our manager Cookie Rojas motioned for a left hander. I knew that was me because I was the only left handed pitcher. I struck out Cal Ripken Jr. for the third out that inning.

When not coaching, Coach Corbett is____?

When I am not coaching in the dugout, I am coaching my son Mason.