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The Paisano

Late pop legend receives film tribute

    In Michael Jackson’s final performance to the world, he showed off the real king of pop, on and off the stage. “This Is It” showed a run through of what his last show would have entailed.

   This two hour long movie proved that time flies when you’re having fun because it doesn’t feel long at all. The sense that you’re really at the concert comes across the screen as Jackson sings the entire song instead of bits and pieces.

    The entire movie never refers to Jackson’s death. It is a celebration of his accomplishments rather than the negative side of reality. You’ll leave the theater with a smile rather than a tear.

    The movie begins with a scroll of text about the film and how it was going to be Jackson’s come back. It ends with “Here is a gift for his fans and the audience of the world.”

     The movie was done in a documentary style by interviewing members of the show and the director. It ventured through how each song as put together with the scenery, special effects and vocal classes from Jackson himself. Each song became an adventure of its own, ranging from a 3-D video to a fire covering the stage with women twisted inside and out of poles hanging from the ceiling.

     “Everything is bigger and more intense in [Jackson’s] world,” one of the performers said, and this show certainly proved what an MJ concert is about. It was a show of his greatest hits, giving the audience exactly what they wanted to hear.

    “This Is It” had all the songs you want to remember him by, ranging from his latest songs all the way back to Jackson 5.  “Thriller” had a 3-D movie of a remake of the music video, while monsters and mummies danced along with Michael and dead brides and grooms swooped down over the concert audience.

    “Smooth Criminal” had a black and white movie playing on a backdrop Jackson’s was running from a man with a gun. When he jumped out of the window as if he fell onto the stage from the screen and proceeded to dance with all the classics.  And “Stop the Love You Save” from Jackson 5 was a flash back for Jackson as he and his brother sang the same parts they had 40 years ago, ending with a thank you to all his brothers and parents.

    Jackson knew exactly what he wanted in the show and he wasn’t afraid to stop a rehearsal to let it known in his own unique “MJ” way.

    There were times that he and the director would disagree on certain timings and moves, but, eventually, Jackson got his way. Despite his persistence, this movie showed his kind heart. If he ever did correct someone, he would thank them and follow it with “God bless you.”

    He never missed a beat, whether he was on stage or not; his feet never stopped moving.

    The movie ended with Jackson: “I want to take [the audience] places they’ve never been before, let them see things they’ve never seen before.”  Although in person he wasn’t able to, “This Is It” gives fans a glimpse of what he wanted to do for them and a way to see the king of pop in his very last performance.

    The movie was released Oct. 28 and will be out for two weeks. Having made $101 million in the box-office in the first five days. The movie shows how dedicated his fans are and   why the movie is worth checking out for yourself.

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