Portugal the Man

Portugal. The Man stand out on their own from the other bands by their music. Their songs are so diverse and unique to a point that they can almost be classified as a whole other genre of music. The band describes their music as a mix between pop-alternative rock and R&B, an interesting collaboration indeed. John Gourley started the band in Wasilla, Alaska and later came to Portland, Oregon to form the rest of the band and begin touring and recording albums. They have released a new album every year since 2006 and their latest album is called In the Mountain In the Cloud. Jason Sechrist(drummer) spilled the details about the album and the band.

Paisano (P): So I have to ask, why the period after Portugal?

Jason (J): It just indicates that Portugal in fact is the man, it’s kind of hard to explain.

P: Is it for dramatic pause? Like Portugal…The Man.

J: Yea, there you go. Well put.

P: Some of you guys grew up in Alaska, so how has that environment affected your songwriting?

J: Yea, you know John is gifted in lyrics and melody and he’s brought up in a pretty desolate place, and it seems like we all can really bring it out of him.

P: I also noticed you guys used snow dogs [popularly found in Alaska] in your music video for “So American” from your new album, is that another way Alaska has influenced your work?

J: Yea, those are all John’s family dogs. John’s dad was an Iditarod racer, which is the big dog racer.

P Are there any artists that inspire your music?

J: Our big time influences lately are Sam Cooke, The Beatles of course, and Pink Floyd. Those are the three main ones.

P: How did you come up with the name In the “Mountain In the Cloud” for your new album?

J: John came up with that name and it’s just a place you know, you’re high in the mountains, you’re high in the clouds. It could be any place.