A day of dramatic readings, art and fun


On Jan. 17, Gemini Ink presented a Dramatic Readers Theatre production, “Responsible Witness,” at 2 p.m. at The Southwest School of Art and Craft.
Three actors – Eduardo Cavazos Garza, Pamela Dean Kenny and Bill Martin – read excerpts from popular war literature with grammy-nominated trumpet player Al Gomez in accompaniment.
The readings were in response to “Engaged and Fragmented,” the current art exhibition focusing on war. It displayed at The Southwest School of Art.
“Plato wrote that it is the poet’s obligation to bear witness to war, but writers, soldiers, priests, seers and victims have sung and written about the devastation of armed conflict since well before fifth century Greece,” the program advertised.
“This production – featuring professional actors and musicians – will bring together writing of witness in many genres through the ages.”
The performance took place in an intimate room behind the art exhibition. Chairs quickly filled as Paula Owen, president of The Southwest School of Art, opened the performance with a quick and friendly greeting. Beginning with the strong sound of the trumpet, each actor took turns reading excerpts from pieces such as Euripides’ “Helen,” Tim O’Brien’s “The Things They Carried,” and Wilfred Owen’s “Anthem for Doomed Youth”.
In addition to hearing the dramatic readings, audience members could browse the art exhibition featuring such artists as John Risseeuw and Eric Avery.
The art depicted harrowing war scenes of wall-sized bombings, aircrafts and amputation. For any avid art fan, this exhibit and performance brings to life the horrors of warfare.
Gemini Ink, creator of the Dramatic Readers Theatre productions, is a community of readers and writers, serving 5,000 patrons annually. Along with these productions, they sponsor Writers in Communities, The Autograph Series, and The University Without Walls.
Dramatic Readers Theatre productions have always been a part of Gemini Ink’s programming. Several performances are presented each year in libraries, museums and schools  across San Antonio.
Past hosts include San Antonio College, San Antonio Museum of Art, UTSA and the Witte Museum. All Dramatic Readers Theatre productions are free and open to thpublic. For more information, visit www.geminiink.org or call 210-734-9673.