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The Paisano

It’s a Dog-Eat-Dog World: UTSA students dig in to gourmet hotdogs on campus

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Biker Jim’s concept is to provide “goodstreet food” in a way no one has done before.

Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs food truck is thebest at the Wurst. The little “rockin’” truck, offers up a variety of gourmetsausages in a unique way. It can’tbe missed; the smell of the grilled food is captivating and the rock n’ rollmusic playing can be heard from yards away.

Originating from Denver, Colo., Biker Jim’s has beenshowcased on Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations.” Now a branching mobile truckrolls between the dorms, parking lots, and the Downtown campus of UTSA.

The owner of the brand, the concept and theproduct line is Jim Pittenger. Aramark manages the UTSA food truck under theirguidelines, but Pittenger ensures his concept remains the same.

Biker Jim’s uniqueness stems from the varietyof meat offered. Pittenger states that his source for uniqueness is his “littletwist on the wiener business by using sustainably sourced meats that are(mostly) hormone-and-anti-biotic free and [doesn’t] use nitrites or nitrates aspreservatives.”

Pittenger recognizes that “hot dogs havealways been the food of the masses,” and he wanted to jump on the food truckwagon when his previous profession as a repo man was not bringing home thesausage to pay the bills.

Someone looking to find reindeer, duck, elkand Texas wild boar served on a roll from a food truck doesn’t need to go far.

Biker Jim’s top seller, the elk jalapenocheddar weiner, has jalapeno embedded into the sausage, which gives the dog theperfect kick. Elk too daring? The all-beef hot dog is juicy and not as gamey asthe other meats. Their dogs are always fresh, steaming hot and messy; napkinsare a requirement when devouring the yummy goodness.

The crispy french fries, an add-on must, arethin and full of salty flavor. Biker Jim’s also offers up a vegetarian Tofurkeybrat for the vegetarian consumers. The tofu turkey flavored sausage is just asmouthwatering as their top meat options.

All the dogs are split down the middle andfilled with unique topping of warm, melted cream cheese and perfectlycaramelized onions. The Brat can be personalized by adding any one of the freetoppings: jalapenos, sauerkraut, banana peppers, cheddar cheese and the basicmustard and relish combo.

Pittenger states, “Our food is good, ourpeople are known for good customer service and we have the jokes.”

Pittenger’s love for bike’s and the “biker”environment triggered the eye-catching, winged-helmet wearing-skull, logo forhis brand. The name was obvious, and Pittenger states that “it sounds waybetter than ‘Jim-the guy that lives in the suburbs-Gourmet Dogs’…doesn’t it?”

Their dog prices average $4-$6; it’s a greatdeal for what is grilled up. For the not-so-hungry moments, try one of theirsliders, which is about half the size of the regular.

Find where Biker Jim’s will be located, theirhours of operation every day, and more information about Biker Jim’s on theirwebsite at, their Facebook page, /BikerJimsUTSA, and onTwitter @BikerJims_UTSA.

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