‘New rising star’ named UTSA basketball coach


    It was all smiles as UTSA President Ricardo Romo began the press conference in front of fans, media, and other members of the administration Monday afternoon at Wolff Stadium. Brooks Thompson was officially introduced as the new head coach of UTSA men’s basketball.

    President Romo referred to Thompson as “a new rising star in basketball” and then passed the microphone to UTSA athletic director Lynn Hickey to bring out the new coach.

    Hickey stressed that the process of finding and hiring a new coach was not an easy process.

    ”We were trying to pinpoint someone who can coach X’s and O’s, someone who can recruit, and someone who can develop relationships on campus and in the community,” Hickey said.

    ”He [Thompson] is the package of everything we need,” Hickey added.

    Hickey then proceeded to officially announce Thompson as the new head coach.

    ”UTSA has everything my family is looking for. I look forward to a lot of great, great years in the future,” Thompson said.

    Thompson has great visions for the men’s basketball program and expects to bring in a lot of championships in the near future.

    ”I’m truly excited about the opportunity to be here,” Thompson said.

    Thompson has already met with the UTSA coaches from last season and the players and expects to begin the recruiting process immediately.

    ”It’s going to be an exciting product we put on the floor for fans and other supporters,” Thompson said.

    Thompson used another San Antonio basketball team to stress exactly what kind of success he expects.

    ”I want to build the same kind of pride the Spurs have in this community. I will tirelessly work in recruiting and community relations efforts,” Thompson said.

    Thompson stated that his slogan is to “hit the ground running” and that is exactly what he plans to do as the head coach of UTSA.

    Former UTSA basketball players McEverett Powers and Derrick Gervin along with current UTSA point guards Kurt Attaway and Tim Maiden.

    ”Everything I’ve heard is good. I’m looking forward to taking advantage of opportunities that might not have presented themselves otherwise,” Attaway said.

    Thompson stressed that student involvement will be important for the program

    ”I want to develop a certain pride in the program amongst the students. I want our players more involved with the students,” Thompson said.

    Lynn Hickey joked at the end, “We will be in the Final Four, someday.”