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The Paisano

Tweet, tweet: Bird Bakery satisfies the sweet tooth without the guilt


Chalkboards hang from cream-colored with ahandwritten menu. The rustic furniture is quaint and the cupcakes are plentifulat Broadway’s Bird Bakery.

Bird Bakery, as the name suggests, servesprimarily baked goods. Their specialty is cupcakes–about 15 different types.The menu consists of a variety of baked goods including brownies, lemon bars,cookies and small pies. The bakery offers many items in smaller versions: mini cupcakes,pies and cookies placed in plastic bags with the Bird Bakery logo.

Cupcakes come in traditional flavors from redvelvet to carrot cake but Bird Bakery also offers unique flavors such as theElvis, which contains peanut butter buttercream frosting and topped with abanana slice. Items are baked every hour so flavors may vary by time and day.

The cupcakes are dense, but moist, and sosweet, they can easily be enjoyed without the frosting. That’s not to say thatthe two don’t pair well together. The frosting is smooth and creamy with justthe right amount served on each cupcake. Cupcakes and pastries are served onsmall, warm plates that are perfectly sized for the little treasures.

In one word, the bakery’s items can bedescribed as flavorful. Bird Bakery offers a Monster Cookie packed withhouse-made granola, M&M’s and raisins. The cookie is so rich and dense, itcould easily satisfy two people.

Seasonal items, such as the gluten-freecupid’s mix–a sweet snack mix or red and pink heart-shaped cookies forValentine’s Day, are also served. Bird Bakery’s menu doesn’t stop at sweets.The lunch menu is short but appropriate for a bakery. They offer a variety ofsandwiches from the traditional turkey to one featuring Nutella. They alsoserve their own rendition of a PB&J made with jalapeño raspberry jelly andcrunchy peanut butter.

The sandwiches, most of which are served withsoft bread, chips and a pickle spear, are so well made, they could have comefrom a deli. The lettuce and tomato are fresh and the turkey is plentiful. Sandwiches are served atop brown waxpaper and scallop-trimmed tin trays. Like their cupcakes, the sandwich menualso changes. Customers can now order the California Turkey with cranberry mayoor the Nostalgic Grilled Cheese.

The Bird Bakery serves specialty coffees,fresh lemonade and teas that are organic, local and caffeine free. Coffee andlattes are served in coffee cups with a bird perched on the handle and colddrinks are served in clear, plastic cups with the Bird Bakery logo.

Service is quick and friendly. They do getbusy on Saturdays around lunchtime, but staff is attentive and efficient.Seating is limited, but the entire menu is available to-go in charming bakeryboxes, which can be just as much of a treat as dining in.

Many customers remark on how “cute” andimpressive the bakery is. With birds as the theme for the establishment,everything from the coffee cups to the bird feeder outside the door create acharming, whimsical milieu.

Bird Bakery could easily be chalked up to aPinterest-like, trendy bakery, and as long as San Antonians crave sweet andappealing desserts, Bird Bakery will be a go-to for many in the Alamo Heightsarea. It’s charming and welcoming, with pastries so flavorful, patrons willwant to buy extras to take home.

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