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The Paisano

Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

BurgerFi serves sloppy goodness and scrumptious fries

Make it a single,double or triple-patty burger with a vast amount of topping choices.

However, Burgersare not the only choice at BurgerFi. Hot dogs, frozen custard, cupcakes,milkshakes and a variety of alcoholic beverages are all on the menu board.

Their most ordereddish is the Classic Cheeseburger, which is a double patty, double cheese, withall the basic toppings served with BurgerFi’s own secret sauce. The bun evenhas the words BurgerFi cleverly branded across the top.

Their secret saucehas a similar taste to thousand island dressing, but really is far from that.The secret sauce is creamier and kicked up with more flavor than itstraditional dressing comparison. The sauce adds a unique flavor, but the burgermay taste better when paired with traditional mustard or mayo. However, thesauce does serve as a great dipping alternative for their natural-cut fries.Ask for it on the side, which makes dipping both the fries and burger anoption.

Even with the sauceexcluded, their burgers are still juicy. So juicy, in fact, that mid-waythrough tackling the double patty burger, the once crisp lettuce becomes limpand soggy. Lettuce may not be the best companion with one of their burgers, butrather their grilled onions and mushrooms make for excellent choices. Be warnedthat napkins are a requirement.

The“build-your-own-burger” option is the best way to go. Most toppings are freeand the patty count is left to the patron’s descretion. For added flavor, their premiumBurgerFi toppings, which are a dollar each, include an assortment of items suchas a fried egg, grilled mushrooms, blue cheese, bacon, a giant onion ring andmany more.

The accessories,as BurgerFi calls them, are lightly-salted, natural fries and crisp onionrings. Their “Cry and Fry” accessory is a mix of both fries and onion rings isthe perfect amount for two people. Frying with 100 percent peanut oil is the secret to their crispiness.Although kosher salt is a great start, adding a fry topping is a must.BurgerFi’s chili and cheese sauce is the favorite, but the parmesan cheese andherbs topping is a flavorful addition that shouldn’t be over looked.

As for dessert,the Rainbow Milkshake is the way to go. Chocolate, vanilla and strawberryflavors are all blended into one creamy delight. BurgerFi’s custard is not asdreamy as one would expect it to be, though it suffices.

According to theirwebsite, natural Angus beef is their specialty. They state that their ranchersmust adhere to the standards that produce a natural Angus beef the cattle hashad no antibiotics, no hormones and has been on a vegetarian diet.

“Healthy cattlecreate healthier and more flavorful beef,” BurgerFi states on their website.

A word ofadvice—check out their menu at before heading over to avoidstaring up at the menu board for a good five minutes. With the many choicesBurgerFi has, rushing the order is not recommended.

BurgerFi has two area locations in San Antonio, one on11309 Bandera Rd. and also at The Shops at La Cantera, near UTSA’s Main Campus.For more information, visit

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