‘Pretty Things Peepshow’ tour shows off their pretty neat skills at local San Antonio bar

At Jack’s Bar one can expect to find lingerie, sword fighting and fire breathing.

If Jack’s Bar makes it a mission to have a wide variety of performances, then they truly do not disappoint with a burlesque/side show called “Pretty Things Peep Show” that was featured as a one-night show last Wednesday, Feb. 26.

The word burlesque, since it arrived to the United States in the mid 1800’s, literally means variety show. “Pretty Things Peep Show” looks like a musical and comical magic show with dangerous and sexy distractions.

The performance started out with an upbeat jazzy tune by the Peeping Toms musical duo. The saxophone and guitar helped keep the production going throughout the entire night. The music takes patrons back to a drunken smoked-filled saloon where the handle bar mustache originated. The host, Donnie Vomit, got the crowd laughing immediately, when he walked onto the stage and began grooming his own handle bar mustache.

Donnie Vomit is a master at his art. Vomit had a multitude of magic tricks and dirty jokes. The audience witnessed the guy swallow a sword, pound a nail into his face and set a mouse trap off on his own tongue all while staying in character and cracking one-liners. His acts seem impossible to complete for any average person, especially the finale where performer Go-Go Amy was wrapped and twisted around saw blades in an enclosed box. Although, the trick appeared to be unreal, Donnie assured the audience, that everything is the real deal, including his handle bar mustache.

Whistling members of the audience paid a $10 cover fee to see the dancers of the show , such as Go-Go Amy, Vivacious Miss Audacious and Little Miss Firefly. Unfortunately, Vivacious Miss Audacious busted her ankle during a rehearsal and spent the evening in the emergency room. Amy and Firefly kept the audience entertained, performing many dazzling acts of danger and burlesque dance. Amy, at one point, swallowed fire and kept her cool rhythm while dancing a risqué strip tease.

Little Miss Firefly brought some big and wild acts to the stage. Firefly walked on a bed of broken liquor bottle glass, while also doing a burlesque dance. In another part, she amazingly managed to swallow a two-foot long tube balloon as she swayed to the music.

The gig never reached a dull moment. “Pretty Things Peepshow” intrigued all of the senses and satisfied the audience. The hard work definitely paid off for the performers in this production. The performers took turns running to the front of the bar to sell band merchandise in between their acts.

The one-night show, overall, made an exciting and wild night of entertainment. Be sure not to miss the Pretty Things Peep Show, if they come to San Antonio again.