Editorial: UTSA moving comencement ceremony

On May 13, 2012, graduating UTSA students will walk across the stage at the Alamodome. The decision to move the ceremony to a new, larger location is a visible example of just how quickly the university is growing.
While there are disadvantages to the move to the new location, holding the commencement ceremony at the Alamodome is beneficial to the majority of students.
The space of the Alamodome will allow for students to have unlimited guests. The university has outgrown the Convocation Center, making tickets to the ceremony a hot commodity.
Limiting the number of guests left many students upset, as extended family and friends were unable to attend the important occasion.
Also, due to the capacity of the Alamodome, the university is now able to cut the number of ceremonies to two. These two ceremonies will save money, time and energy that the administration spends on commencement and allot it elsewhere.
Overall, the decision is a step in the right direction—but there are some disadvantages. The Alamodome is not university space, and even with UTSA football at the Alamodome, many students may feel detached from the new location. Hosting the ceremonies at the Convocation Center allowed for families to see the university their graduate attended. There is a sense of tradition and school spirit that will be missed at the Alamodome.
Parents and families may be upset about having to pay for parking. A $10 fee will be charged for every car parked at the Alamodome, and with that comes traffic. This could potentially turn many students and parents away from attending the ceremony.
Regardless of the disadvantages, the student body should accept its fate. Change is not always bad, and, in the case of the Alamodome, it is an excellent solution for a growing university.