Editorial: No need for concealed weapons on college campuses

On April 11, the Texas’ Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee voted seven to one to allow concealed handgun license holders to carry weapons into college buildings and classrooms. The new bill, entitled House Bill number 86 would allow college and univeristies to opt out.
The almost unanimous vote reflects a desire to see concealed handguns on public university campuses state-wide.
There is no place for guns on school property, regardless of what Texas legislators say.
With the number of mass public shootings on the rise, many Texans are concerned and are eager to find a way to promote public safety. Permitting the carry and use of deathly weapons is not the answer.
According to the Dec. 31 Department of Public Safety reports, Texas has 461,724 active concealed license holders. Texas residents can obtain a license after a 10-hour certification course, but the course could not possibly teach them how to react in an emergency situation. No virtual reenactment could train for a real emergency.
Allowing guns onto university campuses only increases the chances for violence. While gun-carriers feel as if they are being helpful, they create more chaos, making a dangerous situation more dangerous.
Authorizing concealed license carriers on campus would make any task for police enforcement much more difficult. In an emergency situation, enforcement has to get to the root of the problem quickly and efficiently; there is no room for vigilantes – licensed or not.

It’s time to bring intelligent conversation to the gun-fight.