Welcome back!

The time has come to begin another semester! As we trek back across campus and up and down its many staircases, let’s hope fall 2013 brings cooler weather very soon.

For those of you just starting your college careers here, welcome! You’ll soon understand the ins and outs of the university and, while doing so, make sure to take advantage of everything covered by your fees. It’s always good to use the $15 in printing cost you have at the JPL or the free check-ups at Health Services. And at some point, we hope you catch sight of the Sombrilla fountain should it ever start flowing again.

For those returning students — who know where to actually find parking — let’s hope we can continue to raise our GPAs and get those internships that are supposedly the driving force behind our future.

As a collective, though, let’s remember to keep our attitudes positive and our stress-level to a minimum. College is the last chance to have fun, make mistakes and procrastinate before the monotony of our working lives starts. We’ve heard it again and again, but try to work hard, play hard.

In addition, work and play safe. We’ve each been given this one opportunity, and while we should always take everything with rowdy-sized enthusiasm, remember to be responsible. We are each part of the ever-changing generation evolving the social norms around us. With this power, let’s make not only our university campus, but everywhere we go, a better, more pleasant, place for everyone. Especially here at UTSA, we should be proud of our diversity and embrace the lessons we can learn from our differences.

Overall, let’s wish for the best this semester: enjoyable classes, wonderful weather, intriguing research paper topics and, most of all, good memories. Okay, maybe it’s a long shot for the first three, but our lives are in our hands. Let’s make the latter happen — be responsible, be respectful, be rowdy.