A Fable: The Ant, the Bee, the Firefly, and the Worm

One day, the lowly worm invited his friends to eat with him. Among his friends were an ant, a bee, and a firefly.

After their meal, there began a discussion of who was the most important based on their abilities.

“I am the most organized and my army can move things many times its size and weight,” said the ant.

“I am the most important, for I make honey, the sweetest of all things, and I can deliver a fierce sting,” said the bee.

“I can light up the way myself on the darkest of nights, therefore, I am the most important!” exclaimed the firefly.

The lowly worm remained silent throughout all of this.

He finally spoke, “And I am the wisest of all, because I have friends that can do all these things.”

– Excerpt from “Short Stories of Love, Hope, and Laughter

by Carlos Salinas

UTSA Alumnus 2008