The Cycle Repeats

The glow of the plastic girl

is blurry, as she wants to be metallic.

She lives as a princess leah;

dodging every shot from the laser guns.

But she’s sadly mistaken.

She dreams of talking lions & milky clouds.

She touches the grey walls and they turn red.

She paints the picture to which no one sees,

that will bring Van Gogh to his knees.

People worry about her.

Her mind is clear as others are blurred.

She’s intellectual, yet mind blind.

Tye-dyed Kaleidoscopes

In her mind along with the wall

Painted like a drive-by.

She had a beautiful face

with the skylight in her eyes.

She was the weird one in school.

Too much time in her mind.

Kurt Kobain in her eyes

While Hendrix pours from her ears.

The beat of the drum helps fade away

The parents




Mom has the blues

while dad has the screamo.

She pains herself

to rid the hurt.

Her music saves her

And her mind is her way out.

Soon she goes

back to her

Chuck Berry,

And back to