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Confused on how to tell the differ- ence between a blazer, sports coat and a suit jacket?


The classic blazer is usually navy with brass or silver buttons, can be double or single breasted and has a patch or a pocket. Imagine a summer in the Hamp- tons with yachts gliding along the water at a steady clip.

How to wear a blazer

The blazer is traditionally worn with khaki or white pants, a white or light blue button-up shirt and a tie. To get the classic nautical look, opt for a red or yellow striped tie or bow tie. A more casual approach would be to skip the tie and leave the first couple buttons on your shirt undone. Denim pairs well with a navy blazer; however, make sure your jeans fit you well. For the confident man, pair your blazer with colored pants.

Sports Coat

Traditionally, the land-loving “sportsman” wore this type of jacket because the earthy colors and textured fabrics like tweed provided a good camouflage for hunters crouched amongst the bushes waiting for their prey. Because the

jacket was originally used for sports- men, it traditionally has multiple pockets with flaps and is made with a softer, more flexible construction which allows for greater mobility, ideal for hunting wild game. While many men don’t wear sports coats for hunt- ing anymore, the jacket has become a staple in the modern man’s wardrobe.

How to wear a sports coat

What you wear with your sports coat depends on what colors and textures are in the fabric. Generally, sports coats pair well with khakis and jeans.

Suit Jacket

Unlike blazers and sports coats, which are not worn with matching pants, a suit jacket is the same shade as the slacks that go with it. Suits come in an array of colors and cuts. Gen- erally a suit is made from higher quality materials like worsted wool or silk and has a smooth texture.

How to wear a suit

Depending on the occasion, suits range from the basic busi- ness suit to a formal tuxedo. The key to wearing a suit is to buy one that fits correctly — not too lose, not too tight. There are some great options on the mar- ket that won’t completely break the bank.