Slab Cinema’s outdoor movies bring community film screening to San Antonio

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Classic movies at the Botanical Gardens and romantic films in the picturesque Arneson River Theatre are just a couple of the events Slab Cinema Production offers patrons each week.

Ten years ago, Slab Cinema Outdoor Movie Events was started and with hard work it has grown into an action-packed and fun-filled night for people all around San Antonio.

The Slab Cinema team works together to set up the enormous inflatable screen ranging from 16’x9’ to 26’x16’ for every showing. The team has developed Slab Cinema into a unique brand that has expanded over time from 20 viewers per show to 3,000.

The buzz over the outdoor events sparked intrigue for the participants. As the number of viewers increased, so did the number of venues. Slab Cinema has teamed up with The Botanical Gardens, San Antonio Museum of Art, Woodlawn Lake, McNay Art Museum, Nani Falcon Park and Brackenridge Park, creating a manifold of family-friendly movie series attached to each venue.

On Oct. 4, Botanical Gardens featured a starlight showing of “Gigi,” the 1958 American romantic comedy starring Leslie Caron and Maurice Chevalier. Starting at 7:30 p.m., hundreds of people began to fill the garden space with their personal picnics, chairs and blankets. The relaxing ambiance allowed viewers to sit back and watch the classic film with the sunset in view.

Patrons Hilda Caricia-Varelas and James C. Varelas, who have been attending the Botanical Gardens theater for 10 years, say that their favorite part of these events is the beautiful setting and the special night out.

“It’s very polite and comfortable, a good atmosphere, and nice to have on a Friday for an enjoyable evening to end a well-rounded week,” says Hilda.

The two wish these events would occur more often, much like a newer couple to these events, Michelle and Mario Trejo. They have been to three Slab Cinema Movie Events including “Gigi,” “The Princess Bride,” and a Spurs game at The Friendly Spot.

“It’s nice to get out of the house and off the couch to watch a movie or a game. We also like meeting new people with each new place,” the Trejos’ share.

Slab Cinema will screen Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie on Thursday, Oct. 31 at the McNay Art Museum at 6:30 p.m. For more screening events and venues, visit Slab Cinema’s website