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DIY Halloween costume ideas

Halloween is just around the corner; do you know what you’re going to wear?

Just like Michael Myers, this spook-tastic holiday has sneaked up on us again. In between classes, work and activities; many students hardly have time to think about Halloween.

Most of us are familiar with the dilemma of putting together a last-minute costume. The following are some great costume ideas you can put together right from your closet or with a short trip to goodwill and the local crafts store.

Gumball machine

You will need a clear plastic trash bag, assorted color balloons, red long sleeve shirt, red pants/leggings and a red beanie.

Blow up balloons to a medium size. Cut a hole in the bottom of the plastic bag and cinch it to your waist so that the balloons don’t fall out. Cut holes in the top of the bag for your arms. Fill the bag with enough balloons to create a round shape in the front (you don’t want to sit down and pop your “gum balls”). Tape the bag to the inside of your collar to hold all the balloons inside. Top it off with a red beanie to complete this delicious outfit.

Burglar/Bank Robber

For this costume you can pull directly from your closet. All you need are black pants, a black shirt or black and white stripped shirt, a black beanie and a black mask.

For the mask, you can buy one at any costume shop, or make one yourself: just cut two holes for your eyes in a black bandana or old black t-shirt and tie it around your head. Voila, you have an outfit perfect for your next candy robbery.

Ninja Turtle

Many of us grew up watching the crime fighting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; now, with just a few items from your closet and the craft store, you too can be one of the best turtles on the planet. Cowabunga dude!

For this costume you’ll need a green t-shirt, purple/orange/red bandana, jeans, oval disposable aluminum foil pan, string or ribbon and green spray paint.

Spray paint the back of the disposable aluminum pan and let it dry. The pan will be your shell. Poke two holes in the rim of the pan on opposite sides. Then cut 2 lengths of string/ribbon long enough to loop around you arms (leave some slack to tie to the pan). Tie the stings to the pan; essentially, you want to create straps for your shell. Then, tie the bandana of your choice around your head. Now it’s time to fight crime!


Greek mythology teaches us that Medusa was a monster (also known as a Gorgon), her hair was made of snakes, and it was said that if you looked into her eyes you would turn to stone. This costume can be a fun, unexpected twist on the Greek goddess look. All you need is a solid color maxi dress, gold cuff bracelets, strappy sandals and some toy snakes from the dollar store. The rest of the costume is hair and makeup.

Curl your hair in tight ringlet curls and fluff them out to create a lot of voluminous curls (think 1980’s hair) and apply a smoky eye shadow with lots of black and gold. To play up the villainous side of her character, apply darker eye makeup, or go for a lighter look and apply lighter colors: both choices are sure to be amazing. However, the key to this outfit is to securely pin the snakes in your hair. You want to put enough snakes in your hair to make it look like they are part of your hair.

Lego Piece

A fun play on a childhood classic is to dress up as a giant Lego piece. All you need for this one is a cardboard box big enough to fit around your body (length wise), red or blue solo cups and a red/blue long sleeve shirt.

Cut armholes in the sides of the box, cut out the bottom of the box for your legs, and cut out a hole in the top for your head. Spray paint the box the same color as your Solo cups. Attach the Solo cups to the box (upside down) with hot glue or tap. Position the cups in two parallel rows of three or four (depending on how long your box is). Make sure the box is not too long or else it will be difficult to walk in.

Katniss Everdeen (Hunting/Arena Costume)

For all of the Hunger Games fans out there this costume is definitely something easy to put together at the last minute. All you need is a leather jacket, black v-neck t-shirt, olive-green pants, combat boots and a bow and arrows. If you don’t have a leather jacket you can wear a plain black zipper-hoodie and belt it at the waist. The most important part of the costume is Katniss’ signature side braid. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Audrey Hepburn- Holly Golightly (Breakfast at Tiffanys)

All you need for this super chic iconic look is a solid black cocktail dress, a big statement necklace or lots of strands of pearls, long black gloves, black pumps, and some big rim sunglasses.

To complete the look, play up your eyes with some thick eye liner, and style your hair with a voluminous bouffant up-do.

You will be ready for Fifth Ave. in no time.

Where’s Waldo?

For this classic cartoony costume you need a red and white-stripped shirt, jeans, red beanie, and round rim glasses. Most of these you can pull from your closet or easily thrift from Goodwill.


A classic Halloween look is the vampire. All you need for this costume is make-up and a set of fangs; both of which can be found at any costume shop. You can wear your everyday clothes for this one. Never know who might be a vamp these days.

Paint your face white, put on some dark black eye shadow, paint some blood on the side of your mouth, pop your fangs in and you are good to go!

No matter who or what you dress up as remember to have fun with it, and don’t be afraid to put your own twist on the costume.

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