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Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

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Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Holiday Gift Guide

In the middle of the Christmas rush, it can be hard to find the perfect gift for everyone this season. Use this gift guide to check every one of off your list in no time!

For Him


Do: Pricey- Weekend Vacation prices range

Nothing says romance than a trip for two away from the hustle and bustle of work and the holidays.

Not so pricey- Wrist watch $30-60

Nothing is more functional with fashionable for a guy, than a nice watch.

Don’t: Personal Coupons

While they were adorable when you were ten, and mom was really happy to get one saying you would do the laundry for a week, now giving a hug coupon just does not cut it.


Do: Pricey-sports tickets $55-$225

No matter which team your brother follows, and just how close to the action the seats may be, he will still love them.

Not so pricey-iTunes gift cards $25

Who isn’t a music fan? Also a great tag-team gift idea if your parents want to get him new headphones or an iPod.

Don’t: Socks

Because if he did not like getting them when he was seven, he will not appreciate them now.


Do: Pricey- Cologne $75-$100

Because a man wants to smell nice once in a while, even the dad in your life.

Not so pricey- His favorite bottle of liquor $15-$45

With the deals specialty shop offer around the holidays, you can’t go wrong with a bottle and glass set.

Don’t: World’s Greatest Dad Merchandise

Save that for Father’s Day.

For Her


Do: Pricey- Jewelry $75 and up

Diamonds (and other shiny, sparkly things) are a girl’s best friend.

Not so pricey- Couples-themed class $15-$35 per class

Because an oppurtunity to spend more time with each other can only strengthen your relationship.

Don’t: Lingerie

Nothing says you only want one thing from her more than something from Victoria’s Secret.


Do: Pricey- Purses $100-$350

She’ll go crazy if she finds that Coach purse she’s been wanting forever under the tree come Christmas morning.

Not so pricey- Scarves $10-$30

With so many colors, patterns, and styles, you can’t go wrong with one in her favorite color or her favorite animal.

Don’t: Gym membership

Because she might get the wrong idea from a gift like this, even if you mean well.


Do: Pricey- Spa gift card $80-$200

For the woman that gets everything done and more, nothing says you care more about her than letting her get herself pampered for a day.

Not so pricey- Kitchen utensils $15-$50

She has probably been using the same pots and pans since you were a kid, so get her something she will be excited to use.

Don’t: Handmade gifts

Unless you are really good at painting, knitting, or otherwise crafty, she won’t love the basket made out of tongue depressors like she did when you were three.



Do: Treats $5-$15

Like with people there is no better time to splurge on food you wouldn’t eat if it wasn’t the holidays-the same goes for you cat or dog.

Don’t: Holiday-themed outfits

Let’s be honest, your dog only wants to chew up that elf costume.


Do: Smartphone sensitive gloves $5-$10

Because they are not only practical but come in a variety of colors and styles

Don’t: Gifts related to overused inside joke

Because there is only so many times you want to remember that one joke from forever ago.

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