As I Stand on the Shoulders of Lost Hopes

As I stand on the shoulders of lost hopes,

I can see the dusk-colored peep hole

In the horizon line of my sight.

I hear deafening words and they start to mumble;

I reach for the light but I feel the shoulders start to crumble.

Deafening words like “can’t,” and “won’t,”

And other bad words makin’ me wish I was stoned.

Slouched eyes and dark circles,

Frowning faces and skin’s purple.

I can’t tell you how to struggle;

Just don’t tumble when you juggle

everything that wasn’t said in the huddle.

I’ll help you persevere;

Through all the good, and through all your worst fears.

I’ll be your umbrella through the scattered showers of your days;

Through the storms, through the hurricanes.

Ladies, I know the guy’s a jerk,

But you must be a voyager –

Guiding your own ways.

Your own path, your own meaning –

Stop the screaming!

I’m here for you & I hope you benefit,

Make me your manifest.

I will put you on my shoulders

& wake you up like Folgers.

I will mold you into a boulder

So no one can move you when you’re off your knees

And on your feet.

Do your 9 to 5. I’m here 24/7

To get you out of your Earthly Hell & reach for the blissful Heaven

Because you have no limits!

You don’t even need to turn around; just pivot.

You don’t ever need to hide away.

Just follow me, and I’ll guide the way.