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Pretty Little Liars S04E15 “Love ShAck, Baby” Recap

Last week’s episode “Who’s in the Box?” failed to answer the question that was put to everyone’s mind after the mid-season break — Has Ezra been A all along?

Episode 15 of Season 4, “Love ShAck, Baby,” begins with the group arguing about Hanna’s failure to share Allison’s diary with them. Could Hanna be hiding something? Obviously.

As the girls look over the diary, they’re puzzled to read stories with unfamiliar names to them. However, they realize that the stories are about them with the use of pseudonyms.

Emily is the first to take the diary home. That night she dreams (or is she really awake?) of Allison in her bedroom apologizing for her cruel actions towards Emily. Allison picks up the diary after seeing that the page open has the story about the moment Emily and Allison shared a kiss at the kissing rock.

At school the next day, a shady Ezra watches Emily reading the diary. The group joins her and finds that Emily has begun color-coding the diary’s stories in a “Spencer-like” way: each color representing one of the girls. Hurt Hanna shares with the girls that Caleb and she have broken up. Meanwhile, they find an entry about The Busy Bee Inn described as a hideout. The girls believe this is where Allison is hiding and make plans to travel there together.

Afterward, Aria finds Ezra in his classroom and tells him that the girls are going out of town together to make Hannah feel better. They both share their “I love yous,” Aria leaves and Ezra continues playing a video on his laptop. The audio is of Ali saying that she needs to leave town and that she doesn’t want to be Allison DiLaurentis anymore.

Spencer finds Mrs. DiLaurentis sharing the news of her divorce to Spencer’s dad. Spencer’s dad had promised to help Toby fight Radley Sanitarium, the mental institution where Toby’s mother had been admitted to and had died in. Spencer’s dad says it’s a bad idea to help after finding out that Toby’s mother died after slipping and falling off the roof accidentally, and that the reason that Radley had covered it up was because they had to protect another patient who had been present.

Emily visits the kissing rock after receiving a note: “I wanna come home. Meet me at our spot.” With nobody in sight, Emily leaves the kissing rock.

Meanwhile, Hanna is at the coffee shop looking for Emily when she encounters Travis, the boy who vouched for Hanna’s mom during the murder trial. He tells her that there has been news of Cece in Maryland, and that based on the large deposits made to her bank account days before Detective Wilden’s death, she may have been paid to kill him.

Spencer encounters Mrs. DiLaurentis at the coffee shop and makes a scene accusing her of sleeping with Spencer’s father.

Reunited, the group make their way to The Busy Bee by car, with Hanna in a foul mood. It’s Aria’s turn to look at the diary and finds a story about her called “Suzy Clueless,” regarding her father’s affair. Hannah is nervous about a story that Spencer and Aria find called “Cradle Robber,” about an affair with a younger boy. Hannah tries to take their attention away, which Spencer finds odd, especially when she sees that there is a missing page in the story.

Meanwhile, Ezra pays a visit to Hanna’s home. His excuse is that Hannah is on the verge of failing, although when Hannah’s mom gets a call from work, Ezra uses the distraction to search through Hannah’s room, presumably for the diary.

Too bad Emily’s car breaks down and the girls are stranded in the middle of an oncoming thunderstorm. Aria decides to lead the girls to the cabin that Ezra and she have agreed to share, although she hasn’t admitted to the group that the two are back together. Aria talks to Ezra on the phone and he’s seen driving in the rain, most likely to the cabin.

After the girls get to the cabin, Hannah admits to them that the “Cradle Robber” story is about her and Mike, Aria’s younger brother. There is a flashback to Allison finding Hanna in the compromising situation.

In the cabin, Hanna tells the group that Caleb has found another girl and heads outside to find a signal on her cell phone.

Spencer and Aria are then locked into the linen closet by an unknown figure and are rescued by Hannah and Emily who hear them calling for help. When they open the door, the girls find that the diary is missing, and just then, Travis shows up at the door to help them.

Back at Hannah’s house, Travis and Hanna have a moment, though his advances are met by Hannah’s tears for Caleb. Meanwhile, at home, Spencer is confronted by her dad about her actions toward Mrs. DiLaruentis and is told to stay away from her.

Emily is staying the night at Aria’s and after hearing Aria on the phone, Emily realizes that she is talking to Ezra and the two are back together. Both of their phones ring and the two read aloud their text from A, with a picture of The Busy Bee Inn: “Looks like I’m winning. Thanks for the tip.”

Was it Travis, Ezra or someone else who stole the diary? What’s going on with Spencer’s dad and Mrs. DiLaurentis? And who was that other patient on the roof with Toby’s mom?

“Pretty Little Liars” airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

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