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The Paisano

Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Aussies find home at UTSA

Igor Nujic

The UTSA basketball program is becoming international.

A season ago, the team had only one foreign-born player in Richie Frohlich from Germany. This season the program welcomed four international players. The international players are junior forward Alex Vouyoukas from Athens, Greece; freshman guard Djuro Majstorovic out of Belgrade, Serbia; freshman forward Igor Nujic from Perth, Australia (also known as Iggy) and freshman forward Jeromie Hill from Cairns, Australia. For the two Australians, being teammates is nothing new. They were teammates at the Australian Institute of Sport. The two freshmen forwards recently took time out of their busy schedules to talk to the Paisano about basketball and life in America and Australia.

Q: How is school different here at the University of Texas at San Antonio

Jeromie: “In Australia it was around 5,000 students; here the university is like a miniature city, the size is ridiculous!”

Igor: “The biggest difference to me are the American accents and everything seems to be so much more technological.”

Q: What is it like here for you guys?

Jeromie: “I love it. I am in my element, which is basketball.”

Igor: “It seems to be fun; I also stand out because of my accent.”

Q: What are your favorite things to do off the court?

Jeromie: ” We don’t have too much free time, but hanging out with friends and going to the bowling alley really can be fun.”

Igor: “I actually study a lot, but besides doing that I enjoy hanging out with friends and eating out.” “There are so many restaurants in the area!”

Q: What made you choose UTSA?

Jeromie: “The university had great offers and everyone was so down to earth. Also it was a small program that placed right away.”

Igor: “I was recruited by five other schools of the same level.” “Jeromie signed early and it was better going with a mate; it made the transition much easier.”

Q: Does it help having a fellow Australian on the team?

Jeromie: “It is much easier because Iggy and I lived together at the Australian Institute and played together on the same team.”

Igor: “It helps because he is my roommate and coming from the same place we are comfortable with each other.”

Q: What is the difference in basketball style here in the United States compared to Australia?

Jeromie: “Here it is more one on one; in Australia it was more team oriented. The overall athleticism here is much different.”

Igor: The major differences would be the defensive system and the offensive system. Certain habits are different and it seems people are quicker here. 

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