Girls Recap S03E04 “Dead Inside”

Last Sunday night’s episode of Girls opens with Hannah fumbling (as we usually see her) through the halls of her editor’s office late to a meeting regarding her e-book. A few seconds into waiting in the lobby, the whole office is thrown into disarray as David as just been found dead. Yes, the same David that crashed Hannah’s birthday and used Grindr, has been found dead in a river.

Cut to Hannah, who just cannot seem to convey the same sympathy and sadness that everyone wants her to. She is concerned with the status of her e-book, while Adam is questioning how heartless she can be. Even Ray, who was beat up by David, feels remorse at hearing that he has passed.

Meanwhile, Marnie is trying to get herself out of her post-breakup funk in a classic exercise montage complete with her punching an imaginary punching bag. However, her music video is still following her, as recently seen in how Ray and the owner of the coffeehouse are watching it while she is on shift. Thinking she is above them and her job as a waitress, she quits. Marnie needs to realize that while the video is embarrassing, this is the digital age where having access to a person’s personal life via social media is a thing. There are very few people that do not have embarrassing footage of themselves on YouTube, and Marnie is just a part of the masses.

This week, Jessa finally has a story although it lacks any sort of substance as it is just a short recall of her stories in past seasons. Driven by the fact that the friend of friend has died, she and Shoshanna discuss friends who have died, although Shoshanna’s high school friend’s death almost sounds like it was a wanted thing (Shoshanna knew they were a five-some and not a six-some). Completely ignoring her, Jessa remembers a friend who died from vomiting (she thinks). Wanting closure she goes in search of her friend’s grave but instead finds that the friend is not only alive, but married with baby and lives in a brownstone. The friend admits that sending a fake invitation to her funeral was wrong, she was not wrong in leaving Jessa and her toxic behavior.

The episode comes to a close with Caroline (who is still in the picture), Laird with his dead turtle in a POW drink bottle (though it is questionable how he actually got it in there) and Hannah gallivanting through a graveyard and discussing the lack of emotion Hannah exhibits. In a strange turn of events, Caroline tells a fake story of how her and Adam’s cousin died at a young age, showing how mentally unstable she is, and Hannah for her part still does not show compassion. The whole exchange really puts into question if the right sibling is living with Hannah.

The entire episode questions just how the girls are able to cope with real issues. Hannah is not capable of facing death, Jessa is not able to face her lifestyle issues, Marnie is not able to face her hardships and Shoshanna is stuck again with being just a two dimensional character. In the last scene of the episode, Hannah retells Caroline’s story about her cousin to Adam as her own showcasing the limits Hannah does not have in running away from her problems. The girls should expect to grow up as time goes on otherwise, they will be more in trouble than Laird will have in getting the turtle out of the drink bottle.

New episodes of Girls premieres on Sunday night at 9PM on HBO.