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Pretty Little Liars S04E16 “Close Encounters” Recap

Last week on “Pretty Little Liars,” we were left with a broken-hearted Hanna, the news that the death of Toby’s mother was not a suicide but an accident, and the shock that A has stolen Allison’s diary with the knowledge of Allison’s hiding spot.

“Close Encounters” begins with the girls driving out to Allison’s potential hiding spot, The Bumblebee Inn. They arrive to an abandoned building that has been broken into with clothing and bedding strewed on the ground, but no Allison. “You’re too late. – A” is written on the door.

Next day, a worried Emily is talking to Hannah on the phone about Allison, but Hannah is too busy worrying about her own problems and believes that Allison is fine.

Meanwhile, Spencer who has spent the night at Toby’s, opens the front door to find her dad, Mr. Hastings, there. Awkward. Mr. Hastings admits that he and Mrs. Dilaurentis, Allison’s mother, have been spending a lot of time together because they wish to get Jason, Allison’s brother, into rehab since he is an alcoholic. Really, who cares since we haven’t seen Jason since season 2? At that moment, Toby walks in with nothing but a towel on and the awkwardness intensifies.

Aria and Ezra are talking at his place when Aria gets a text from Jake, who has been out of town and who she is still technically dating. “Morning with me, afternoon with him,” says a jealous Ezra. Aria tells Ezra that she intends to break up with Jake and that Ezra is “the one.”

Spencer is now at Hanna’s where Hanna is throwing away expensive clothes she probably stole in her season 1 days or just happened to afford even though her mom has been unemployed. Obviously, something is bothering Hannah.

Emily, who had been entering a church while talking to Hanna on the phone, hears a creak behind her. She begins to panic when Shana, who the girls believe is working with A, shows up with a message from Allison. Shana tells Emily that Allison wants the girls to stop looking for her. When questioned, Shana reveals that she has known Allison since they were three and that Allison sent Shana to get close to suspicious people to figure out who would want to kill her.

Toby and Mr. Hastings talk about possible actions against Radley Sanatorium, the mental hospital where Toby’s mother died.

However, Mr. Hastings has an agreement from Radley that would pay off Toby and his family if they do not talk to the police and put the matter of Toby’s mother’s death to rest. Later, Toby talks over the agreement with Spencer. Although Toby wants to sign the agreement, Spencer doesn’t want to let go of the fact that the death of Toby’s mother could have not been an accident.

Aria meets Jake and although they kiss and nearly make plans for a date, Aria remembers her intent to break up with him. Jake figures right away that Aria is back with Ezra. Aria lets Jake down with a “we can still be friends.” Yeah, right. Bye Jake.

Emily recounts the meeting with Shana to the girls. However, Spencer doesn’t trust Shana and believes that she’s working for A and only wants the girls to stop looking for Allison. Later, Shana meets with Emily to tell her that Allison misses her and that she wants to meet her alone that night. Shana forbids Emily to tell anyone else, because the other girls can’t be trusted. So, the first thing that Emily does is tell Spencer. However, Spencer is suspicious and believes it is a trap to A’s location, but Emily forbids Spencer to follow.

Travis comes to Hanna’s house so that she can return his umbrella. Sure. The two begin playing a game of pool, and of course the opportunity comes for Travis to demonstrate how to shoot pool while standing very close to Hannah’s behind. After Hannah and Travis have been playing pool for a long time, they call it quits with hugs and kisses. Although Travis is hesitant since Hannah isn’t over her recent two-day old break-up, they continue kissing. Suddenly, Hanna’s mom walks in to catch them making out. Travis leaves and Hannah’s overacts over her mother’s concern.

Meanwhile, Aria goes to return a gift that Jake sent before returning home. However, he tells her to keep it: “I don’t have another Aria in my life.” Before Aria leaves, Jake tells Aria that he’s worried about her relationship with Ezra as he had just seen Ezra flip out on a blonde woman about “screwing” something up. The audience is left to wonder, why Aria isn’t suspicious of Ezra yet?

Ezra comes home to find Aria, who brings up what Jake had seen. Ezra responds by telling her that he was yelling at a lawyer hired by Maggie, his ex-girlfriend, who tricked him for a bit into believing he had a son. He wishes to see Maggie’s son even though it’s not his. However, Aria’s white dress with rainbow-colored leopard print distracted Ezra’s apology.

Meanwhile, Shana drops Emily off at a dark warehouse where Allison awaits. Emily pleads with Allison for police assistance but Allison’s distrust of Hannah, Spencer and Aria creates hesitation. Unexpectedly, a figure walks inside causing Allison to run away. However, it’s only Spencer coming to ruin the moment. Spencer had heard everything that Allison had said, and believes that Allison is only trying to divide the group.

After this event, Spencer goes to Toby’s house and tries to stop him from signing the agreement due to the fact that she had earlier discovered that Mrs. Dilaurentis is on the Board of Trustees at Radley, which seemed shady to her. However, Toby says he signed it already because he and his father would like to move on. Toby looks like he has been crying, but Spencer is relentless and yells at him for signing. And the award for most hated character of the episode goes to…

After bonding with her mother, Hannah leaves a message for Caleb telling him her feelings.

Back at his gym, Jake is working out. Geez, is this all this guy does for fun? However, after he gets injured from kicking a punching bag, he finds shards of glass stuck in the bag. Who could of done that?

The final scene shows A opening a locker and ripping a photo of Allison and Shana when they were young and then burning the half with Shana.

As A’s next target, what will happen to Shana?

“Pretty Little Liars” airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

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