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The Paisano

Filling up at the Station Cafe

Station cafe (jennifer alejos)

Situated in the heart of the King William District, the Station Cafe is the type of spot that keeps to itself but brings magic to the table.

Once inside, floral printed wallpaper decorates the walls while pastel-colored paint accents opposite walls, floors and tabletops. The feeling of walking into a garden detracts from the closed-in interior of the room, creating a sense of homeliness and peace. The fresh decoration is not the only amenity to give credence to the restaurant’s eco-friendly vibe. Posters plastered on the wall for The Lexicon of Sustainability to support local farms give the idea that Station Cafe’s food will be just as fresh.

Station Cafe’s menu boasts a perplexing amount of original hot sandwiches served on their own homemade buns. The toasted sandwich roll is coated in fine grains that add to the flavor of the delicious, fluffy inside of the bread. There’s no need to bite hard since the bun can be torn into with ease and allows the customer to enjoy the fresh, perfectly-baked bread on his or her own.

However, what makes the sandwiches spectacular are the fillings that range from creamy sauces to fresh cheese and veggies to piled-on meat. Spicy, creamy, Cajun, Creole and Italian: whatever flavor is desired on a sandwich has been created at the Station Cafe.

The Turkey Chupacabra is a fan favorite, made with a sweet and spicy Serrano sauce, lots of smoked turkey, melted cheddar and garden-fresh lettuce and tomato. Although the Chupacabra sauce is made from Serrano peppers, which contain double the heat of jalapeños, the sauce tastes surprisingly sugary so the spiciness is not overwhelming.

For those who crave a little more heat, there are spicier sandwiches served with habanero sauce. Pele’s Fire sandwich steps it up another notch with its ghost pepper topping. To tone the spice down, jalapeño sauce is offered with some sandwiches.

On the other side of the spectrum, savory sandwiches such as the White Buffalo Beef and the Station Reubenation are offered for the customer with a more complex palate. The Pesto Turkey Sandwich is a delicious alternative for those who have a pasta craving. The sandwich is made with melted provolone, lettuce, tomato and smoked turkey but stands out with its amazing pesto sauce.

Kettle chips can be purchased as a side. Station Cafe also offers appetizing soups and organic salads, which can be ordered as sides or entrées.

However, the real hidden gem is the pizza. Station Cafe offers cheese, pepperoni, supreme, southwestern and vegetarian pizza. Individual pizza slices can be purchased as well. Make it a combo with salad or soup.

In addition to the oh-so-fresh ingredients, the pizza dough is homemade. The dough comes out soft and malleable so it is easy to fold the pizza. Although the dough is thin, it has the same grainy texture as the homemade sandwich rolls, which adds flavor to an already amazing food item. Despite the presentation of squishy dough, the crust is toasted for a crunchy finish.

Water and soda are offered as beverages, along with sweet tea, green tea and hibiscus mint tea. The pink-colored hibiscus mint tea stands out from the rest, although the ice inside the canister waters the beverage down a bit. However, it is delicious enough to necessitate a refill.

The Station Cafe is a necessary go-to when visiting downtown, and is a five-minute commute from the Downtown Campus. The restaurant’s delectable and affordable menu items cannot disappoint any customer, with their sandwiches under $5.75 and their individual pizza slices under $2.75.

The Station Cafe is located at 108 King William St. For more information on menu items, visit

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