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Local Listen: Flower Jesus Quintet

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Flower Jesus Quintet consists of Josh “J Man,” on drums and vocals, Louis Davila on guitar and vocals, Danzig “Dan,” on bass, Torrin on guitar and keyboard and Roberto on guitar and vocals. Catch them Thursday, Feb.13 at Bottom Bracket Social Club. Doors open at 8 p.m. Admission is free. They also perform on Sunday, Feb. 9 at Limelight with Cosmonauts, Dark Planes, Creatura, and Rabbit in Owl. Doors open at 8:30 p.m., for guest 18 and up admission is $7.

Q: You all just released Massive Cave, your new EP, on cassette, which is pretty unique and low-fi. What motivated that?

A: First off, it’s inexpensive. It has become popular for DIY musicians to use cassette for that reason. But also, cassettes carry a certain nostalgia for our generation. (Rob) My grandfather used to produce music and perform in his studio off of Hildebrand and Blanco, and there are stacks of cassettes of his songs which I remember finding as a kid. Since his passing we have used his equipment to record Massive Cave, carrying on a tradition. The recordings are analog rather than digital, and the nature of analog produces a very raw sound, which we want to maintain throughout our future releases. We use older equipment to produce authentic sounds, like Rob’s original whammy bar from the 1950s, when rock and roll was just starting.

Q: What is the creative process for writing music for Flower Jesus?

A: Rob and Louis write a lot of the lyrics, but when you take an idea into a room with four other people you come out with something that everyone has contributed to. We do not tell each other how to play. There is communication of course, but each of us individually bring something unique that shapes the song. We are personally responsible for our limits and pushing those limits.

Q: What was your inspiration for Massive Cave?

A: Originally it was a single, but when we decided to use cassettes and the older equipment, it opened the gates for experimentation, and we had ideas for interludes and a special edition B-side that would be rarer to have. We wanted to challenge ourselves to fill the tape and take it to its fullest potential.

Q: What advice can you share with local musicians?

A: Invest a lot of time and stay active with performing and marketing online (and to your dearest fans who are often your closest friends). We are all employed full-time, but right when five o’clock rolls around we head over to That Place of Evergreen or one of our places and practice for hours. We prepared for the Massive Cave release for months, which meant setting our personal standards high and meeting deadlines, which enabled everything — the posters, each cassette, the sound, the equipment — to come together when the time came. It was an incredible turnout and we were satisfied.

Q: If you could sum up Flower Jesus Quintet in a sentence, what would it be?

A: Spooky alien lives sunshine texturally.

Q: What is the future of Flower Jesus?

A: We want to record another EP. Currently, we are talking to a friend who has a professional studio, and we intend to release it on vinyl. We have a free show Thursday, February 13with musicians Dana Falconberry, Good Field, and Molybden from Austin and Shivas Medicine Cabinet from San Antonio at Bottom Bracket Social Club located at 1603 N. Colorado.

Follow Flower Jesus Quintet on Facebook and download their EP “Massive Cave” on their Bandcamp at a special price this week! ‘Like’ The Local Listen for pictures, music and more.

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