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Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

    DIY the College Way: Chocolate Lasagna


    Chocolate Lasagna; Price: $13, Level: Easy

    Alright so the first craft I am making is a dessert called Chocolate Lasagna:

    Here is the link to the recipe I found on Pinterest. It was relatively easy to make and I only spent around $13 dollars considering I already had milk, sugar, and butter. Here is my breakdown of the recipe with pics to help guide and a view of the finished product. So first things first you must…

    ..Take out and unwrap the butter and cream cheese to let it soften. Do this before step 1.

    Step 1: It says to use a food processor (like college kids have one) or a rolling pin to help crush the Oreo’s. I have neither, but I did put the Oreo’s in a zip lock bag and crushed them using my hands.

    Step 2: Next, I put the 6 Tbs. of stick butter and melted it in a small bowl. I’ve always used stick butter because I heard it’s the best to bake with but as long as you have 6 Tbs. of it, use whatever butter you want. Pour the butter on the crushed Oreo’s and mix it up!

    >picture 1<

    Now put this in your pan (mine was an 8X8 so I had extras) and pat it firmly down into the pan.

    >picture 2<

    Step 3: Alright now get the cream cheese and whip it up!! I don’t have a mixer so instead I used a fork until it became fluffy. Having the cream cheese soften will help this step easier if you don’t have a mixer either. Make it whipped looking and mix in sugar, milk, and cool whip.

    >picture 3<

    Now layer the mixture over the Oreo crumbs. Also, you can go ahead and taste it. It smells delicious and sweet and it sure does taste like it too.

    >picture 4<

    Step 4: My favorite step! Once you make the pudding, you also layer this on above the cool whip mix. I used a spoon to spread it and I found it very easy to use rather than a spatula.

    >picture 5<

    Step 5: Now, put as much cool whip as you want on top of this. However much you want it doesn’t matter! Add whatever else you want also. I went simple and put regular chocolate chips on top. Then, let it sit in the fridge or freezer (to speed it up) and wait for it to become cold. That’s it!

    >picture 6<

    You have yourself a sweet dessert! I had fun making this with my roommate and I hope you will also. So go ahead and throw a party with your friends and eat this or just watch a season or two on Netflix and binge eat on this. Do whatever you want because this is pretty much cool whip with chocolate and what can beat that!? Hope you enjoy this little treat. See you on the next craft!

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