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Pretty Little Liars S04E18 “Hot For Teacher” Recap

“Hot For Teacher” revealed Ezra behind “A’s” entire surveillance system. Can we all say “Finally”! Even though it’s possible that this doesn’t mean that Ezra is “A,” what with the show’s history of leading viewers and the girls in the wrong direction, it’s hard to make up excuses for Ezra’s actions. Not only does Ezra have cameras all over town, but he has photos sent to him regularly through e-mail, taken by unknown individuals. Ezra is running out of redeeming qualities.

Spencer may be catching onto Ezra’s dark attitude, but Aria who’s stuck in lover’s land is completely oblivious. After last episode saw Hanna go under “A’s” knife, Hanna calls it quits to contributing to the investigation of “A.” Emily can’t seem to shake the feeling of needed redemption from Alison however, and follows Shana throughout the episode, while Spencer is obsessed with revealing Ezra’s secret “A” identity. All the girls play detective except for Aria, and the group seems to be coming closer to the truth behind “A” and why Alison disappeared.

Although the reason for Alison’s disapperance has not been identified, her method of hiding is shown in this episode when she’s seen talking on a pay phone with Shana. It seems that she wants Shana to acquire something for her inconspicuously, which turns out to be money. The girls watch from afar as Shana hangs up the phone at the local coffee shop, but opt to stay out of “A”s way for a while. But that won’t last for long.


Even though Hanna is staying out of “A’s” way for a while, she’s got somebody else in her eye―Spencer. Although Hannah is able to notice Spencer’s wired behavior, she is unable to realize that Aria is making up an excuse to miss Hannah’s investigation of Spencer.

Instead, Hanna has Emily tag along to stakeout Spencer’s house, in the hopes of finding out what Spencer herself is investigating. During the stakeout, they spot Shana leaving the Dilaurentis house. Although Emily wants to find out what business Shana had with Mrs. Dilaurentis, Hannah wants to stay clear of any “A” business.

The next day, Hanna confronts Spencer, who’s less than happy to have somebody poking into her business. However, an intrusive Hannah goes over to Spencer’s house when she isn’t there, and finds all of the information on Ezra that Spencer is looking up on her laptop.


Obsessed with finding dirt on Ezra, Spencer does an all-nighter investigating him, helped along by pill-popping. However, in the morning she realizes that she’s all out of pills, and that day at school buys some more from a peer. Leaving the scene, Spencer runs into Ezra, who’s picked up on the fact that Spencer is up to something, shown by her “sloppy work.” However, Spencer couldn’t care less when she’s right on the tail of “A”/Ezra.

Back at home, Spencer tries to find a connection between Ezra and Ravenswood which doesn’t seem to pan out until she changes Ezra’s last name from Fitz to Fitzgerald. Spencer finds a listing for an apartment in Ravenswood which Ezra seemed to have resided in at one point.

Meanwhile, Ezra does his own investigation of Spencer by looking through her school file which shows that she has been on medication for ADHD.

Spencer is found by Hanna at Ezra’s apartment trying to break in. After convincing Hannah to help her, they’re about to enter the apartment when Spencer spots a hidden camera pointed right at them. They decide to leave, and for good reason since Ezra was watching them the entire time.


Emily confronts Shana since she still has interest in helping Shana and Alison. However, Shana says that Ali still is upset with Emily because she broke her trust.

Later that day, Shana shows up at Emily’s house needing help to grab something from a poster that Ali has in her room, which was the reason Shana was at the Dilaurentis house.

The next day, Emily herself goes to the Dilaurentis house and finds money with contact information for unknown people behind the poster that Shana described. Emily takes the money with her to work at the coffee shop and hides it in a coffee bag. Although Shana was on her way to pick up the money, she’s knocked out by “A.” Shana awakens to a note from “A” reading “don’t come back.” And with that, she takes off.


Clueless Aria spends the entire episode lying to her friends about being back together with Ezra, although she struggles with this, even to the point of visiting Jesse, the school counselor, to share her feelings about it.

Ezra and Aria decide to spend their weekend together at his cabin. Although Aria wakes up in the morning with mixed feelings on whether she should leave, Ezra convinces her to stay. Later that day, Ezra makes up a reason for Aria to run out to town and as soon as she leaves, uncovers a trapdoor leading to a covert operation in his basement with cameras all over town and pictures of the girls’ actions even from that day.

That night, we see Ezra in his car dressed in black and switching between different cameras on his tablet, one on Spencer and Hanna about to enter his apartment, though they leave before entering. Aria wakes up only to find Ezra back from his night venture and in the living room, and Aria is completely oblivious to Ezra’s new, dark attitude.

Final Thoughts

As Spencer shares her research on Ezra with Hannah and Emily, Alison is stuck on her own without any money and on the run. The last scene shows “A” with a stack of blank prescription pads, ready to wreak havoc on Spencer’s mental capabilities.

Will the girls share their information about Ezra with Aria? Or will Aria realize on her own that something’s not right with her beau?

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