Introductions are in order

First off, hello! My name is Rebecca Conejo and I’m a freshman at UTSA. I’m an English and political science double major – though the poli-sci aspect is subject to change – and between going to school, I juggle a part-time job as a student assistant at the University Center here on campus and I’m a staff writer for the student newspaper, The Paisano.

The premise of this blog is to explore the college experience through dorm living and the everyday occurrences for a college student. Every other week I plan to find out what exactly can be cooked or baked in a dorm kitchenette like the ones found in our on campus dorms, Chaparral or Laurel Village. In between the weeks when I am not making a mess of my countertop, I hope to closely look at what it means to be a student and what it means to take part in college life.

Now at this point, you are probably wondering why the name, “The Ten Point Curve?” Basically, if the different chapters of our life were a test – one that you did not cram for the night before – then our learning experiences are like a curve, wherein we have some “wiggle” room to go back and review the more important aspects of ourselves and try again next time. So college and the time we spend here, is like a trial run for what is to come afterwards. College is the ten-point curve on life, and I plan to take full advantage of it.

On a final note for today, to the people that I hope are reading this, who are y’all? Are you fellow freshman, or have you been around the metaphorical block a few times over your years here at UTSA? What do you like to do? Or care to share any memorable experiences you’ve had? And most importantly, what would you guys want to see on this blog?

Let’s talk!

Next up: What can you exactly make in a mug?

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