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Where to go to satisfy your caffeine cravings

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You have an important paper to write and the deadline is soon. You need a place to think and energize yourself. So you go to the nearest Starbucks, but it’s crowded and the outlets are all being used. Where can you go now?

Here are some local coffee shops that will provide a sanctuary for all students, from the very studious to the easy-going. Each location offers free Wi-Fi, offers specialty drinks, a unique environment and will allow you to think freely.

1. Aspen’s Brew

(11255 Huebner Rd. Suite #100)

This coffee shop aims to do as its name suggests — be as warm and comfortable as a ski lounge in Aspen, Colorado. As soon as you walk in, you are greeted by people working on laptops and study groups discussing their latest lectures. The shop feels like a common room, and they serve more than just your typical coffee shop items. You can buy made-from-scratch kolaches, pick from five different roasted coffees or buy the Coffee of the Day for $3.70. The layout of the shop is well thought out. If you are one who enjoys people bustling in, then the main entrance will suit your study needs. There is also a side area that allows you to listen to the background music and the steady rhythm of your keyboard. So take a seat by the window and work until your next study break. Check out their website for the menu and more at

2. Olmos Perk

(5223 McCullough Ave.)

Olmos Perk serves a range of beverages — such as coffee, tea and smoothies — and sells typical pastries ranging from $3-$4. However, their reputation is in the environment they establish for its coffee lovers. Olmos Perk is quiet and promotes individual work — for example, all phone calls are to be held outside so others are not disturbed. This shop is a perfect getaway for those who work best in silence. There are individual couches positioned around the coffee bar and cubicle desks with built-in outlets. The music playing in the background and the baristas working the machines break the silence every now and then. Browse their website for more information at

3. Local Coffee San Antonio (302 Pearl Parkway, Suite 118, Pearl Brewery)

Open, modern, friendly and filled with students and families, Local Coffee buzzes with the sounds of the coffee machines. Located near the center of the Pearl Brewery complex, this shop has made a name for itself with its immensely popular slow-pour coffee, made using a specialized technique of brewing coffee that brings out a different flavor and a stronger concentration from the select coffee beans they sell. Another highlight is the open layout of the shop. You can sit along the windows and spread your work out on the long tables or you can sit outside by a small park area. It is a perfect place for groups to meet up, and if you are not in the mood for their organic baked goods then you can walk around the complex. La Gloria, Il Sogno and the Culinary Institute of America are conveniently located around the corner. Look through their website for more information and three different locations in San Antonio at

4. Halcyon Coffee+Bar+Lounge

(1414 S. Alamo St., Suite 101)

Mellow music and conversations reign supreme in this popular café, located in the Blue Star Art Complex. Halcyon is a coffee place specializes in making its patrons feel at home through the creation of personalized lattes. One of these lattes and an order of s’mores will help you get over an episode of writer’s block. Halcyon serves dinner and offers happy-hour drinks from 4-8 p.m. if you decide to stay after finishing your paper. At night, you can enjoy a game of Dominos or Scrabble with a stranger, invite friends for some much needed relaxation or take in the scenery of the San Antonio River at night. For more information and other food items Halcyon has to offer, view their website at

What are some of your favorite coffee spots? Tell us at [email protected].

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