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The Paisano

Montage Vintage: SA’s retail time machine

Montage 1 (cynthia hurtado)

Stepping inside Montage Vintage, one will be greeted with rustic typewriters and crystal chandeliers hanging overhead. Colorful frocks, adorable accessories and necklaces that look like passed down heirlooms are everywhere to be seen. The atmosphere appears truly authentic, from the old style of music to the scent of calming lavender as you find the right jewelry or clothes while shopping.

Shelby Guevara, store owner and San Antonio native, makes sure your experience at Montage Vintage is memorable. Her gentle smile and customer friendly approach will steal your heart as she assists you. Guevara explains her love for vintage pieces as “something nobody else will have because it is not only limited, but it can also be as old as fifty years old.”

It all started with a dream for Guevara. “I began sewing at the age of eleven, and from there I started taking vintage dresses that had weird yet cool patterns and resizing, remaking, and shortening the dresses.”

By the time Guevara was sixteen, she knew she wanted to own her own store. In 2006, Guevara and her husband Jacob first opened Montage Vintage (formerly known as Redemption Garb [R.G] Vintage) and the rest, you can say, is history.

Her purpose of creating a business specifically in San Antonio is so the locals can find vintage items without having to leave the city. She explains that many people drive at least an hour away to Austin and even Houston to find vintage items. It is not necessary since San Antonio is continuing to grow.

At Montage Vintage, items for men and women range from the 1940s through the early 1990s.According to their website, Montage has gotten attention for their superb jewelry collection. Each piece is made out of broken scrap antique jewelry as well as leather, natural stones and unusual finds.

All clothes come from different vendors who onlysell vintage clothing. However, Guevara also explains that she will accept items people find from their grandmothers’ closets, but she would prefer not to because, “it holds sentimental value, but in reality, that’s how one can truly find unique pieces.”

Even though the store holds true to vintage clothing, they also follow the current trends. As for right now, many customers who visit the store enjoy items from the 50s and 60s. Guevara explains she enjoys sewing metal zippers on dresses, hemming fishtails to lengthen dresses and adding garments to a look for a certain color.

The only non-vintage items you will find at the store are plain shirts, leggings and Peter Pan collars. Montage also offers in-house alterations. Their clothes come from vintage vendors that also send their clothes to other countries such as Denmark and Japan.

The difference between Montage Vintage and other competitive stores is not only the fresh scent of the store, but also the hard work and dedication Guevara puts into the clothes and accessories. Before the items hit the floor Guevara makes sure that there are no holes or stains on the items. If there is she will get behind her sewing machine to fix it as well as dry clean, hand wash, bleach and dye. However, if the customer finds a different problem with it, such as the dress being too long or too big, the store offers alterations starting at $8.

As for all the items at the store, they are reasonable prices, ranging from $20-$30, however prices will increase if they are handmade jewelry or if the clothes come from different countries.

Another quality that sets Montage Vintage apart from their competitors is how Guevara extends her talents as a wardrobe stylist to customers. During an in-house visit, Guevara can offer advice on what to wear to work or what you could wear on a date. She will also make suggestions on what appropriate hairstyles goes with the clothes. “This is fun to do because sometimes people want to take on a different persona, or want something different from their norm.” Guevara also offers to visit your closet and tell you what works and what you should give away. Price tags for this wardrobe makeover start at $100.

What does the future hold for Guevara and Montage Vintage? “I hope to see more vintage stores in San Antonio and to extend the current store for clothing alterations.”

Before considering traveling to Austin or Houston for vintage clothes, take a look inside Montage Vintage and you will be surprised at the hard work Guevara has put into the clothes along with the upkeep of the shop. It is a place that reminds one not only that the past trends are still alive, but that a dream can come true with dedication.

Montage Vintage is located at 423 West Grayson Street. For more information, visit, or find them on Facebook or Twitter.

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