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Big laughs and New York attitude in ‘Company’

(arts) company musical (courtesy siggi ragnar)

The lights dimmed. The theater became silent. The first scene began. When the cast members for “Company” stepped out on stage, they delivered an outstanding performance with hilarious, quirky and sometimes even crazy characters.

In the musical, Robert (George Cornelius ) finds himself overwhelmed with burden when his five married friends pressure him into reconsidering his bachelor life. Throughout this comedy-musical, the often hilarious glimpses into the couple’s marriages are revealed, and Robert begins to re-examine his own previous relationships with three former girlfriends.

The play, set in New York City during the 1970s, was performed at the San Pedro Playhouse, a small intimate theater in San Antonio. On stage, the set was very versatile and the musical transitioned effortlessly between the many scenes. With the talented orchestra visible in the background as well, the small theater was immersed in the 1970’s era with a great performance.

Some of the highlights in the play included the number, “You Could Drive a Person Crazy,” sung by Robert’s three girlfriends, and “Getting Married Today,” sung by various cast members. In this musical, amazing performers with powerful voices graced the stage like David Nanny-Isban as Harry (Robert’s married friend), and Sherry Gibbs Houston as Jenny (another married friend).

Although many cast members are known for their various Playhouse roles, for George Cornelius, “Company” was his first Playhouse debut. He has performed in over 30 operas, operetta and oratorio roles. His voice resonated in the small theater and filled the room with great songs throughout the musical, especially in the final number, “Being Alive.”

If there were any mishaps in the musical it definitely was nothing the audience noticed or would have even cared about. The songs were comical at times and the talent was remarkable.

“Company” is based on a book by George Furth and is one of five musicals that Stephen Sondheim wrote. The musical “Company” opened on Broadway in 1970 and was originally directed by Harold Prince.

There was also a staged concert production of “Company” at the 2011 New York Philharmonic Concert with cast members featuring Stephen Colbert, Jon Cryer and Neil Patrick Harris, who played the main character, Robert.

The opening number in “Company” will have you singing the words well after the play is over. The director for “Company” at The Playhouse, who also directed other plays such as “Les Miserables” earlier this season, played an important part in keeping the story exciting and alive with great performances.

Although this musical follows the life of a middle-aged bachelor trying to find the meaning of marriage, it has the potential to draw the audience into the comedy them the audience in New York City during the 70s.

“Company” will be playing at the Playhouse Theater until March 2. Tickets range from $10 to $25. To purchase tickets, or to find information about pricing and dates, visit the Playhouse website at

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