Luck of the duck: smoothie shop offers tasty pick-me-ups

Searching for healthier options when dining out? Look no further than the Pearl District. One Lucky Duck is a healthy eater’s haven that migrated to San Antonio all the way from New York.

Inside, earthy tones are reflected in the dark brown and charcoal wooden tables and booths tucked in on one side of the shop. A corkboard hangs on the wall, decorated with flyers, posters and lists of events happening in the community. The menu is written on a blackboard in colorful chalk, which gives the shop a cool urban vibe.

The menu is also posted outside the shop to give prospective customers a glimpse of what is inside. A variety of raw, organic, vegan-friendly snacks, salads, juices and shakes are offered, so every customer can be satisfied. One Lucky Duck’s specialty their shakes start at $8. Juices start at $5 and entrees start at $8. Keep in mind you are paying for quality at One Lucky Duck since most items are fresh and organic.

The unique shakes range from simple combinations such as pineapples and strawberries to eclectic blends like kale, cilantro and grapefruit. Each shake leaves you feeling full and satisfied. If you’re having trouble deciding, the friendly staff are more than willing to provide recommendations.

The fan favorite is the Banana Nut, which is a mix of banana, cashew milk, vanilla and cinnamon. Flavors explode in your mouth as though you’re chewing on an actual muffin. The Banana Nut shake indulges your sweet-tooth with the comfort of drinking something healthy.

If you’re looking for something different and adventurous, go for the Green Mango—a combination of mango, cucumber, cilantro, coconut water and lime. It’s packed with nutrients, with the cilantro being the strongest flavor. The sweetness of the mango tames the overwhelming flavors of the cilantro and lime, making it a very enjoyable not-so-traditional green shake.

The lemonade is a safe choice at $5 if you want something lighter. It’s homemade and sweetened with agave. Try it with a shot of ginger for $2 for an extra punch to your drink, leaving a light and refreshed feeling. There are also ready-made drinks available to buy if you are in a rush or want to take something home.

One Lucky Duck offers packaged snacks and treats that are great for nibbling when you’re on the go. The Honey Bunches Bar is crunchy, sweet and fulfilling made with almonds, oats, buckwheat, cranberries, nutmeg, vanilla extract, honey and Himalayan crystal salt. It tastes great when paired with the Banana Nut shake.

For something more substantial, go for the savory and crunchy Spicy Thai Lettuce Wraps, which come with a tangy tamarind sauce that is stacked with flavor. It’s on the spicier side of the menu, so be sure to cool down with a juice like the Green Apple, which provides the perfect amount of sweet. Wraps come three per order and make for a great snack or meal to share with a friend.

One Lucky Duck fits in well at The Pearl, which is known to attract young crowds looking for something different and new. If you’re around The Pearl, it is a great go-to spot with its laid-back atmosphere.

One Lucky Duck is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. during the week and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the weekends. For more information and to browse their online selection, visit