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‘Angel of Gravity’ premieres at ‘On and Off Fredericksburg Road Tour’

Known for its theatrical productions from previous years, the local dance organization Arte y Pasión presents one of its most intimate endeavors yet at this years “On and Off Fredericksburg Road Studio Tour.”

“Angel of Gravity” is a series of short performances featuring principal dancers Stephan Gaeth and Tamara de l’Adira, guitarist Luisma Ramos, and violinist Jean-Philippe Rominger. This sort of performance can only be experienced in an art gallery or studio because there is nothing quite like the rustling of a dancer’s gown within earshot.

Artistic Director Tamara de l’Adira states, “I am excited about the opportunity in this project to work with dancers and musicians of different disciplines, countries and backgrounds. I get to work with an amazing modern dancer, Stephan Gaeth, and have the chance to collaborate with an up-and-coming dance and art studio in San Antonio, the Uptown Studio. The Uptown Studio is unique because the people who run it appreciate and place a premium on juxtaposing fine art against performance art. This is something I hope we see more and more of here.”

The Uptown Studio (700 Fredericksburg Rd.) offers classes in art, dance and meditation. The Uptown Studio and Bihl Haus Arts (2803 Fredericksburg Rd.) hosted the premier of Arte y Pasión’s latest production last weekend.

Set against a backdrop of fine art, “Angel of Gravity” is inspired by the people and events that come in and out of our lives and their everlasting effects. As such, each performance piece will appear on the floor and, just as quickly, disappear. “Each piece tells a story of human emotion and rite of passage from one state to the next, for better or for worse,” says de l’Adira.

The signature piece of “Angel of Gravity” is a duet between the two barefeet dancers both donning a bata de cola (long train dress). Together, the two dancers are visually striking and give a performance that is both daring and innovative. Incorporating elements of flamenco, classical Spanish and contemporary dance, the dancing in “Angel of Gravity” is strong and masculine yet graceful and delicately beautiful.

de l’Adira explains, “I choreographed this piece to tell a story – taking the dirt of life experience and making something creative from it is a purifying experience, and that was how I felt when I choreographed ‘Angel of Gravity.’”

This weekend was an example of artists, business owners and community leaders coming together in an effort to promote both the visual and performing arts. Now in its seventh year, the “On and Off Fredericksburg Road Studio Tour” began as an effort to promote the local arts and revitalize the neighborhoods and businesses along San Antonio’s Fredericksburg Rd., one of the oldest thoroughfares in the city. With more than 80 local artists, studios, and businesses opening their doors to the public during the two-day event, the “On and Off Fredericksburg Road Studio Tour” continues to gain momentum every year.

For more information on the Uptown Studio, make sure to visit their website at The Uptown Studio and Tamara de l’Adira are also on Facebook.

Performances of “Angel of Gravity” will continue throughout the city in March and April.

Saturday, March 8

Admission: $125 in advance/ $150 at the door

The Artist Foundation MAP Moveable Art Party

Benefit Fundraiser

Participating as an Artist Foundation Award Winner

6 p.m. The Blue Star Arts Complex and River

For more information go to

Friday, April 11

Admission: Free

7 p.m. Second Friday at The Uptown Studio

700 Fredericksburg Rd.

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