“Girls” S03E08 Recap “Incidentals”

Big things started happening on “Girls” this week as all the characters (except for Shoshanna because nothing happens to Shoshanna anymore) are back in New York City and getting on with life.

The episode opens with Hannah sitting outside of a restaurant with her pen, notepad and recorder as she waits for Patti LuPone. Yes, the Patti LuPone, Girls’ first celebrity guest star portraying themselves. Patti cancels on Hannah five minutes before she is supposed to meet her, but bravo to Hannah who tracks her down and asks for a 15 minute interview, and gets five minutes. The interview is sponsored by an osteoporosis medication – though Patti doesn’t have osteoporosis. The whole interview is being made up on both Hannah and Patti’s part. In the middle of the conversation, Hannah takes a call from Adam who is at an audition where everyone looks like him “if he had a nose job.” It is comforting to know that Adam is actually getting out of the apartment and not making weird things out of foil. He not only gets the part but ends up with a friend, Desi the cool, guitar-playing, motorcycle-riding actor opposite Adam. I sense a bromance brewing.

Switch back to Hannah, who after hearing the news from Adam, relays it to Patti, who gives her the advice only a Broadway starlet can. Patti warns her that Adam will need Hannah’s support and forgiveness as he is going to become less than a person and if he is “sexual in any way,” he will end up sleeping with everyone in the building before long. Even though Hannah protests that he’s weird-looking, Patti makes the point that not only are their weird fans out there, but that even the Elephant Man got laid.

Flash to Jessa who is clearly bored at the children’s store – why else would she start playing with the dolls and trying to make makeshift nooses for them in the store windows? She even tries to make conversation with the UPS delivery guy, who admittedly can’t stay. And in pops Jasper, the father figure from her rehab days that tried to have sex with her. He has been looking for her for who knows how long, but he is clearly high as a kite. Jessa tries to turn him away, saying she’s finally healthy, but Jasper persuades her that they are the kind of people “who can’t be tamed.”

Hannah, now back at GQ, gets handed a story about how great it is to say at the Gramercy. Not only does she get to bring Adam along to celebrate his first role on Broadway, she also gets her first paycheck. It’s much higher than she thinks it will be, and after being reassured by a co-worker that is in fact the right amount, she buys herself a brand new dress. She then meets up with Elijah (I honestly love that Andrew Rannells is back between shows, even if his character is less than stellar) and Shoshanna to get the room ready for Adam and the party.

And then there’s Marnie, who can’t even go to get frozen yogurt without getting emotionally punched in the gut. She runs into Su-Jin who’s running her own art gallery, something that Marnie clearly wants in on. Su-Jin isn’t really taking the bait and leaves Marnie. Marnie walks into Ray’s apartment (something she’s done multiple times evidently as she just walks in, with his mail) and rants herself away until Ray shuts her down. She walked in on a Ray that is not only reading a self-help book, but has now reevaluated his relationship with her. Ray wants a real girlfriend and Marnie is offended saying that he can’t breakup with her because they weren’t together and that she was pitying him the whole time.

Everyone is at Adam’s party – Hannah, Shoshanna, Elijah, Adam who has brought Desi, Marnie who is crying in the bathroom, and Jessa who has brought Jasper as both are now high ( and in a great moment, they later go on to steal money from the children’s store to buy more cocaine). Everyone is entranced by Desi, especially Marnie who has finally found a person who appreciates her musicality – except for Hannah who doesn’t like the invasion from Adam’s new theater world.

Everything comes to close with Adam and Hannah in the bathtub of the amazing hotel. Hannah tells Adam of his insecurities about his new role on Broadway and how she thinks he will be so involved in her new life, that he will leave her behind. But he reassures her that he only wants their relationship and her. The show ends with Adam running his lines in his British accent and Hannah in love.

Everything is wrapping up nicely for Hannah, so if anything, I’m waiting for some facet of her life to fall apart. And as for the other girls, Marnie is bound to find herself in love again, Jessa will probably (hopefully) again end up in rehab, and Shoshanna will found out that life after college is not all she thinks it will be.

“Girls” airs on HBO on Sundays at 9am.