Coming soon: In-N-Out

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The In-N-Out Burger, an Irvine, Calif., restaurant, popularly known for its tasty, grab-and-go burgers may soon make its long-awaited debut in Bexar County. The proposed location is at the site of a former Frost Bank in Windcrest, off Interstate 35 and Walzem Road. Although this location is slated to be the new building for the In-N-Out — along with another unnamed eatery and hotel — the plans are early in the making. Windcrest officials are tentative about announcing the time frame because the appropriate paperwork has yet to be completed.

As Windcrest Mayor Alan Baxter and the Windcrest Economic Development Director Robert Colunga estimated, the three establishments would be worth a “conservative $1.5 million.” This news is a development for the many In-N-Out lovers in San Antonio who have waited for its appearance in Bexar County. In fact, there’s a Facebook page dedicated to bringing In-N-Out to San Antonio.

There have been mixed reviews about In-N-Out’s quality. Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay praised In-N-Out’s burgers as “extraordinary” while UTSA Andre Jeanjacques, found the food to be “sub-par,” and the burger “bland.” However, he stated that the service was as the company’s name advertises —“in and out with fast service.” Perhaps the difference in taste (and subsequent demand) depends on where the burgers are made.

Karen Montalvo, UTSA student and California native, can vouch that In-N-Out has the “best hamburgers,” and she considers the upcoming location “something big to look forward to.” UTSA English Professor Dr. Alan Craven said that the “food tastes fresh,” and although the burger joint isn’t his preferred go-to, he knows that the secret of In-N-Out is that they have a “food chain within a certain distance.” In order for In-N-Out to consistently achieve the ideal taste and freshness they are renowned for, the company’s website assures patrons that there are “new warehouse and patty-making (facilities)” in close proximity to each new restaurant.

Another rumored location for the famed burger joint is the corner of Loop 410 and McCullough Avenue, where a T.G.I. Friday’s resides. The owner of the current restaurant explained that he maintains a lease and has no plans to vacate the area anytime soon.

In-N-Out’s menu consists of the Double-Double, cheeseburger, hamburgers, milkshakes, beverages and French fries. The Double-Double is their most popular burger with its toasted buns, two American cheese slices, two 100 percent American beef patties with no additives, fillers, or preservatives, along with slices of onion, leaf lettuce, fresh tomato and their own original spread that dates back to 1948. The burger chain also has a “Not-So-Secret” menu that consists of the Double Meat, 3 x 3, 4 x 4, grilled cheese, Protein Style and Animal Style.

Until the plans for the anticipated location are finalized, San Antonians are waiting for the advent of something new and different, from the style of burgers to the quality of the food. Either way, In-N-Out will make its mark in San Antonio.