Spring Break: Unconventional ideas for a college student

1.Go camping

Camping is so much more fun with friends by your side. You can pick out a camping site near San Antonio and Austin! At KOA Campgrounds, tents and cabins are available for rent at a low cost. For more information, call 210-224-9296.

2. Take a hike

Many students are unaware of the different hiking sites near San Antonio. Take advantage of the hiking trails with your friends. For instance, take your friends to McAllister Park Trail. The trail is a 3.6 mile loop trail and it offers wildlife. You can take your dogs, but they must be kept on a leash.

3. Go on a brewstillery tour!

If you’re over 21, you will enjoy this two-in-one tour at Ranger Creek. While the tour guide leads you through their instructions on how they make their beer, you can sample at least three of their beers. On March 15, take the tour at Ranger Creek from 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Register now at drinkrangercreek.com for a spot!

4. Read the book on your shelf (we all know has been there since school started!)

We all have those books we buy at Barnes and Noble or Half Price Books that we want to read. Take advantage of the week and read all the books on your nightstand. You can form a small book club during the week and have discussions on your new book (away from textbooks).

5. Go on a road trip!

Everyone loves an escape! If you’re tired of staying in San Antonio, go on a road trip! You can gather a couple of friends and a large truck to escape to a different city. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures and remember there will always be stories about road trips! What happens on road trips…stays on the road!

6. Visit museums around San Antonio.

There are many museums in the historical city of San Antonio. Make sure you catch up on touring in your new home. Take a stroll to Guenther House (guntherhouse.com): there is a restaurant within the free museum. You can also visit the McNay Art Museum, whose admission is also free. Check out their website: mcnayart.org.

7. Visit the Botanical Garden in San Antonio

With a current student ID, admission is only $8. Visit the beautiful gardens and birdwatch throughout the tour. For more information, visit www.sabot.org