You Might Be a College Student If…

Whether this is your first semester of college, or your senior year, by now you realize that college life is different from your high school days. Dorm and apartment life, is nothing like living at home with your parents. Whether cooking meals, washing dishes or laundering clothes, there’s nothing quite like being away at college.

So, how do you know you’ve finally joined the ranks of collegiate life? You Might Be a College Student If…

…you’ve ever thrown away dishes instead of washing them.

…you’ve ever skipped laundry to use your quarters for drinking games.

…you’ve ever made Ramen noodles in the package just to keep from doing dishes.

…you’ve ever brought a date to the school cafeteria because your parents bought you a meal plan.

…you spend more time sleeping in the library than studying.

…you clip coupons for groceries but will gladly pay full price for Starbucks.

…you steal toilet paper from public stalls.

…you donate plasma for grocery money.

…you look at Halloween as a chance to see how much skin you can get away with showing.

…you’ve ever tipped your waiter with restaurant coupons, knowing they’re a college student, too, and will use them.

…you have more beer in your fridge than food.

…you think “gourmet meal” means adding things to your Ramen noodles.

…you know how late all the drive-thrus stay open.

…you think shopping at Target is for rich people.

…your apartment has more than one piece of furniture you found within five feet of a dumpster.

…you sell your books back early in order to get gas money.

…you go to the dentist just for the free toothbrush and toothpaste samples.

…you hit up a different church each week for their free college meals.

…your Christmas list consists of things you actually need.

…your condiment selection consists of ketchup and mustard packets from Whataburger.

Now you tell us: how can you tell that “you might be a college student”? Send us your examples to [email protected]